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From the makers of 0xWarriors, 0xUniverse and 0xBattleships, here come 0xRacers! 0xGames isn’t afraid to venture into multiple game genres and have seen great development and success with their current games.

Their first release 0xUniverse has been sitting comfortably in the top 5 spots in the Metamask charts since its release. 0xUniverse is a space exploration game where you build spaceships and send them on journeys to discover new planets. 0xUniverse has been steadily growing in DAU and transactions with over a 100k planets being found so far. A new planet type in 0xUniverse called the black hole was being bought for 96eth within a couple of days since its auction.


0xRacers is the newest and fourth game from 0xGames and its all about racing. Every player will own their rides and look to upgrade them and triumph over all their rivals. You will also be able to participate in events and earn money while playing the game.

Their presale will begin on 25th June and will last for a month till 25th July. Special lootboxes will be at a 50% discount so you might want to try to get your hands on some high rarity car and car parts. 0xRacers also aims to be built on multiple blockchains which means players will be able to use Tron, EOSIO, Ethereum all in one place. There will be 4 tiers of rarity for in-game assets with hundreds of cars and thousands of car parts to be found.

With a very competent team and a great development from the other games so far, you know what to expect from 0xRacers as well.

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