Aftermath Islands Receives $25M Commitment From LDA Capital

Aftermath Islands is an upcoming Web3 virtual reality platform. LDA Capital, a global investment group, has committed to invest $25 million through the purchase of Aftermaths Islands Utility Tokens. 

The investment is based on certain milestones Aftermatch Islands achieves. 

Aftermaths Islands 

In Aftermath Islands, you can play and live on theme-based islands, build communities and explore. The game features unique Virtual Land parcels – you have the authority over what content to be published on your land. 

Each asset, such as Virtual Land (VL), buildings, or other items, is an in-game digital asset that anyone can own, sell, buy, or trade. All this is powered by blockchain, and every asset is an ownable non-fungible token. 

David Lucatch, Aftermath Islands Managing director, stated that the company opted to acquire money gradually through utility token sales rather than all at once through a traditional venture capital agreement.

The Aftermath Islands play-to-earn blockchain game will be released in the future. As the platform receives these funds, its product roadmap will be accelerated – it includes a realistic world, virtual real estate, and the upcoming P2E game. 

Aftermath Islands is set to change the way we look at the virtual world. Usually, we see low-res graphics are too 2000-ish. The company is building its virtual world on Unreal Engine 5

The metaverse will have a decentralized touch, but to keep the management issues minimal, they are going with centralized gameplay so that it is assured that all the players in the metaverse are real humans. 

Currently, Aftermath Islands has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and 12,000 members on Discord. 

See David Lucatch himself describe what the metaverse is about in this interview:

LDA Capital On Aftermath Islands Investment

“LDA Capital is proud to participate in the advancements brought by Aftermath Islands to the virtual worlds and games, which will transform how players interact and transact with in-game collectible NFTs,” said Warren Baker, Managing Partner, LDA Capital. 

On the WAX blockchain, the platform is launching NFTs that you can then redeem for virtual land and other digital collectibles. These digital assets will then have multi-chain support ultimately. 

Aftermath Islands – Virtual Land

Aftermath Islands offers players a fun and exciting opportunity to acquire their very own Virtual Land (VL). Each type of Aftermath Island has its own properties, rules, and adventures. 

Themed Islands – immersive events, quests, and gameplay designed around individual themes such as dragonlore, medieval fighting, and alien warfare. 

Community Islands – players can participate in group activities, guilds, clubs, or go about solo adventures. 

Estate Islands – Own a large part of a small island limited to a few dozen players

According to Aftermath Islands, its beta platform will be out by the latter half of 2022.

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