In continuation of the latest game additions to the Enjin family, Age of Rust, a highly anticipated blockchain game expected to launch in late 2019, announced today their intentions to adopt Enjin Coin and the ERC-1155 Standard.

The upcoming RPG (Role-Playing Game) will host creative challenges and puzzles with over 24 BTC hidden within 650,000m2 of in-game landscape, ready to explore and claim by the players. While we wait for the game, a text version of Age of Rust is already available with 4BTC ready to be claimed through various tasks.

Age of Rust innovates with a blockchain based peer-to-peer rental market where players can safely rent their in-game assets for a specific period of time. This, never seen before feature, becomes available by taking advantage of the Enjin Coin’s smart contracts. We expect this to become a major gameplay element as it provides the opportunity for profit through rental fees and surely, it will enhance the community interaction. With that being said, messages like “Want to Rent X Weapon for X Amount /week” will be all over the trade channels.

Disctrict in Age of Rust Blockchain Game
Axion Droid Shop in Age of Rust Blockchain Game

Rustbits, the in-game economy have a drastically fluctuating market cap that at times reaches up to $17 Million. SpacePirate Games, the company behind Age of Rust stated that Rusbits will migrate to ERC-1155 in the future.

With cards being so popular on the blockchain, “Rustchain Cards” have already made a debut. These cards provide hints for the in-game puzzles and allow access to game content while in the future, they will impact your gameplay, the storyline and of course, your character.

Age of Rust Blockchain Game

Age of Rust takes place in the year 4424, where the collapse of society has led to the end of all technological advancements. Without the ability to maintain any infrastructure, advanced AI robots are driving humanity to extinction.

In 650,000m2 terrain, players will be able to explore lost worlds, mysterious caves and abandoned space stations while fighting others, hostile environments and rogue machines in real time.

Advanced AI Droid in Age of Rust
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Droid in Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a highly community-driven blockchain game with tons of clues for the puzzles being shared in the official discord channel. Players can decide to team up with others or explore the amazing and hostile world of Age or Rust solo.

Currently, the developers are working on Chapter 1 of the game which will offer more than 40 hours of exciting gameplay. It’s also worth to mention that the game is already under development for around two years.

Watch a Sneak Preview of Age of Rust

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