An Interview With MyCryptoHeroes: Learn More About The History & Future Prospects

An Interview With MyCryptoHeroes Learn More About The History Future Prospects MyCryptoHeroes is a phenomenon in crypto gaming, a Japanese style pixel art game is constantly in the first place of ETH games with around 1,500 active players this week and ,000 volume!

MyCryptoHeroes is a phenomenon in crypto gaming, a Japanese style pixel art game is constantly in the first place of ETH games with around 1,500 active players this week and $92,000 volume!

The game currently hosts the Land Crowd Sale where a number of sectors have already been sold in a Dutch style auction, while the land Presale sold out for 500ETH each, raising 2,000ETH by selling 4 Countries.

We had the pleasure to discuss and interview Kokushi, Biz Dev for MyCryptoHeroes. Kokushi shared some interesting facts around MCH and we are more convinced than ever that MCH will be a huge game in the near future!

Without further ado, let’s get to the interview.

Kokushi, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today, let’s begin with our first question.

MCH has around 30k players in total, constantly in the top place of Ethereum Games since its launch.Where does this success come from?

We prioritized UX (game contents) and ecosystem the most. We believe that was the most important key to our current success. Besides, each of us has shown their ability on the job more than we have, to go beyond the current blockchain game’s limits. Committed member is another important key.

Can you give us some more information about the PRIME subscription?

Actually, the point is not the subscription model though. There were so many bots which were used for receiving daily bonus every day and transferring what they earned to the main account. And we thought that would destroy the whole ecosystem. Since we are a blockchain game, which has the aspect of game and investment, we need to take care of the ecosystem. 

So, the PRIME focuses on providing the daily bonus to real players. kicking out the bots, great to hear that! So far, I know that you are 10 devoted employees working on MCH, Do you plan on hiring more people?

Yeah, we would like to hire more employees, but we need to take care cuz as I mentioned above, we all are very committed to work so if the new one is not like us, that would bring undesired result for all of stakeholders including him.

Now, here’s a question I always like to ask/ What’s your opinion for the future of Blockchain Gaming? Where are we going to stand in 5 years from now?

I hope in 5 years scalability problem and other inconvenience such as payment will be delt with. If capacity of sidechain is improved and if the payment method becomes more unstressful, blockchain game industry would expand more and more.

Couldn’t agree more with you Kokushi! Why don’t you give us some background information? How did you guys came up with this idea? A Pixel Art game became the Number 1 ETH Dapp, this, for the most US and European gamers was totally unexpected.

Our CEO and COO had worked for the gaming industry for about 20 years, and they found out that the current social game is very hard to scale. So they were looking for the new way and met with blockchain technology and VR.
But it would cost most of the money on graphics if we made a VR game, and you know, in general, a start up doesnt have plenty of money, so a VR game was not friendly for us. Therefore they made a decision to create a blockchain game, that was the first story of Double Jump
.Tokyo (developer of MCH). Pixel art works very good in terms of cost, and attracting enthusiastic fans.

Well, definitely MCH is building a base of enthusiasts! What are the future plans for MCH? Are we going to see more additions to the game?

Land will be the last big peace for MCH ecosystem. So all of the fundamental functions will be set soon though we are planning so many events.

Pixel Art games are obviously popular in Japan, we can see new telegram groups all the time around MCH with non Asian players, definetly Europeans and Americans seem to have an interest in MCH, what would you like to say to this players?

Well, I believe that there must be more and more people who fit in the MCH world. It looks like a very simple game since there are fewer motions than others and using pixel art, but actually MCH has so many things to do. There is numerous combination for heroes, items, and art-edit(one of the main function of MCH, the player can change the hero’s pic as they want). There must be much more Americans and Europeans who love RPG×pixel art × blockchain

Can you tell us some of the most expensive items ever sold in MCH?

For more than 20ETH, Einstein was sold in less than a minute at opensea.

Last question for today Kokushi, are we going to see more blockchain games developed by Double Jump.Tokyo?

I can’t share more information around this, but definitely we will release more games in the future.