Are You Ready For The Official SweatCoin Launch?

Sweatcoin move to earn app

SweatCoin is an app that rewards you for walking, targeting to make you fit. After numerous months of waiting, SweatCoin officially launches tomorrow at 5 AM EST

With less than 24 hours to go, $SWEAT will be traded on OKX Exchange.

You can sign up for OKX and receive a free mystery box that may contain crypto up to $10,000 free once you use the OKX App on your mobile phone.

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Move-to-earn startups tend to be unsuccessful and be considered pyramid schemes. But is this true? In my opinion, we can’t know for sure until the whole project is fully revealed and launched. However, there is no doubt that the move to earn trend is the next big thing in the crypto industry. You can find the top move-to-earn apps for 2022 here.

OKX will be the first exchange to list $SWEAT!


SweatCoin is an app that pays you crypto as you walk and “sweat.” Why does it pay you to walk? Well, when you walk, you are doing yourself a favor and the community as you stay fit and healthy.

SweatCoin is available on both mobile devices – Android & IOS, and its currency can be used to buy several products, such as gift cards and gift vouchers. SweatCoin developers have plans to create SweatCoin – BTC, and SweatCoin – ETH trading pairs.

On Sweatcoin, there are two tiers โ€“ Free and Premium. Let us briefly explain what both these packages offer.

Sweatcoin โ€“ Free Tier

In the Free tier, the maximum you can earn is ten SweatCoins โ€“ you have to walk 1052 steps a day. 

Sweatcoin โ€“ Premium

The Premium tier certainly comes with exclusive benefits. With the same amount of steps (approx 1052), you earn 2x the SweatCoins. The limit for each day is also increased to 100 SweatCoins. The premium subscription also brings exclusive sales and offers in the marketplace. 

Trade $SWEAT on OKX!

We have released a guide on how to make money with SweatCoinThe app that pays you to get fit.