Arena Match: Skills Betting eSports Platform Powered by Enjin

Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular game is not playable any more.

The world of eSports has been expanding steadily over the past years and viewership went over 350million last year. Tournament prize money has gone up as well with over $1.5billion given out to players in 2018. These numbers don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and more people are getting to know about eSports each year.

Arena Match is an upcoming eSports gaming app which allows everyone to put their gaming skills to the test and compete with other players to win real cash or Arena Match Gold.

Besides, pro-player tournaments and locally hosted scheduled events, there is not an opportunity for the dedicated players to wager cash on the eSports market. Arena Match seems to offer the solution by building an eSports platform that will give to players the opportunity to bet on their own skills.

Players can bet against Arena Match, in solo Skill Challenges, daily high score leaderboards, head to head matches, and Battle Royale modes. In order to win the bet, you have to accomplish predefined challenges based on your performance history and the challenge’s difficulty. You can bet for example that you will get into the top 5 in the next game of ranked solo PUBG.

As of now, Arena Match has these games on their roadmap.

  • PUBG- Currently in Private Beta
  • Fornite - Coming Soon
  • Apex Legends - Coming this Summer
  • CS:GO- Coming this Fall

Most of us are indeed familiar with these titles and have even played them before. But why pick Arena Match to play those games when there are other gaming apps out there that offer similar functions? Because Arena Match is adopting the Enjin blockchain SDK for Esports gaming perks! Yes, you will soon be able to have Enjin backed items that are usable and the first game that they are going to integrate is PUBG.

Arena Match will be launching skill challenges with PUBG and players will be able to use the Enjin backed perks to help them complete the challenges. However, there will only be 5 legendary skill perks with each having a limited quantity. Moreover, these skill perks will have unlimited use in the skill challenges.

Arena Match has an ongoing bounty with Arena Match Gold up for grabs. Arena Match Gold will be used as the primary currency for perk purchases and esports skill-based betting. Every quarter, Arena Match will destroy Arena Match Gold based on a % of transaction volume on their esports app.
You can access the full list of bounties here.

Arena Match also launched its Legendary item presale which is currently on massive discount until 4th July. Take a look at their shop here.

The Platform is also giving away Legendary Founder’s bundle so be sure not to miss out on that. Find out more here.


AMGold (AMG) is an ERC-1155 token used as the in-game currency and players can use it to bet in the platform or purchase perks. Every quarter the team will destroy an amount of AMG Tokens based on the transaction volume to reduce the circulating supply and increase its rarity overtime.

Further advantages of the AMG holders:

  • Reduced entry fee cost
  • Purchase Enjin Perks
  • No deposit or withdraw fees
  • Reduction or elimination of other fees
  • Exclusive Content
  • Special AMGold only events
  • Future Products and Services

Although when you are betting on your own skills it is not considered exactly as gambling still you are betting your money. Do not spend more than you afford to loose. This post can not be considered as a financial advice and we are not responsible for type of losses.

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