Arkane Network Rebrands To Venly

Arkane Network Rebrands To Venly

Venly – formerly known as Arkane Network – is a project dedicated to providing blockchain tech to businesses and consumers and was founded in 2018. 

The rebranding of Arakane to Venly is backed with an intention to expand growth as a blockchain tech provider and tap into new opportunities in the crypto and NFT space. 

Tim Dierckxsens, co-founder & CEO Venly, stated:

“Today is a big day for Arkane Network. We are proud and excited to announce that we are rebranding to Venly and strengthening our positioning as blockchain tech provider. We’ll need more than this to achieve our mission. That’s why we recently raised +€2M to continue building our products, acquiring users, and of course, growing our team of blockchain engineers as well as business developers. With our new brand, we also want to invest more in the end-users, positioning ourselves as a preferred partner and product in B2B as well as B2C.”

Core Focus of Venly 

Venly has three core products that it will be focusing on to emerge as a leading blockchain tech provider:

  1. Venly Wallets: A multi-blockchain wallet that is basically like an account that contains all other blockchain wallets from various platforms. 
  2. Venly Market and APIs: Venly Market will be a marketplace for NFT transactions like buying, selling, or trading. Plus, Market APIs on Venly will allow projects to build their own NFT marketplace. 
  3. Venly NFT tools: A set of tools that help in minting new NFTs and managing digital assets on blockchain. 

More Than €2 Million In Funding 

Venly raised €1.55 million last month in a fundraising round organized by High-Tech Grunderfonds (HTGF). 

Moreover, Tioga Capital also made an additional investment of €500,000, taking the total of investments in Venly to more than €2 million. 

Venly has set up a branch in Berlin thanks to the growing influx of investments that are likely to increase in the future as more investors join in. 


Venly aims to facilitate companies and projects about blockchain gaming and everything linked to it like game NFTs, metaverses, sports, etc. 

Venly offers its services to more than a hundred projects and has struck partnerships with PolygonBinanceAvalanche, and Hedera. 

Some of the major partners include The Sandbox, Aavegotchi, Battle Racers, IOI Trade Race Manager, Ethermon, Neon District, Cryptopick, AMPnet, and many others.


Venly will be bringing new blockchains to their Wallet and also new Market products. Market APIs and USDC are expected to launch soon on Venly. 

Moreover, they are aiming to boost their marketing to reach the masses and build a strong community. 

They are also launching two NFTs featuring their old and new brand logos “for fun.” Anyone can purchase them from Venly NFT Market after some days when they will get released.