The First-Ever Matic NFT Marketplace is Coming Soon

Matic NFT Marketplace

In Brief:

  • Arkane Network to launch the first-ever Matic NFT Marketplace.
  • The marketplace will support FIAT payments only during the first phase.
  • Projects can apply before 20/1/2021 to receive a 50% discount on fees.

It’s no secret that Matic Network is growing fast. The current Ethereum congestion is the worst we have ever experienced during the past years, even if it’s now called Ethereum 2.0. Users have to pay a GAS fee varying from $15 to $20 for a single NFT transaction, and this makes gaming and trading on Ethereum a living nightmare.

The lack of quality Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum has led to a massive movement of dapps over to Matic Network. Not only Ethereum games are moving over to Matic, but also from other blockchains like TRON.

Here are some key facts why Dapps choose Matic Network.

  • Almost instant blockchain transactions, with block times of ~2 seconds.
  • Transaction fees less than 1/1000th of the Ethereum mainchain fees (see here for a detailed comparison).
  • Good technical support for developers.

The first-ever Matic NFT Marketplace

Arkane Network provides games and dapps with a complete suite of development tools and an easy onboarding method, the fundamental blockchain gaming adoption issue.

Now it’s time to take things to the next level with the upcoming Matic NFT Marketplace.

The launch has been planned for Q1 2021, and early adopters can sign-up to receive a 50% discount on the platform fees.

All Matic Network projects will soon have a home to sell ERC-721 & ERC-155 in-game items, art collectibles, and pretty much everything non-fungible. Arkane has a fast-growing user-base with over 80,000 unique users using the Arkane wallet.

Arkane wallet is one of the easiest ways to store NFTs and cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains by using a single account, the same way you access PayPal or Gmail.

Right after Matic Network, the Arkane Marketplace will support Ethereum. From what we can see, Matic has become a Gold partner of Arkane Network and we expect the co-operation to continue in the future with more tools and projects that enhance the ecosystem.

If you have a project on Matic Network or migrating to Matic Network. Sign-up for the first-ever Matic NFT Marketplace and enjoy professional, direct support, as well as discounted fees.