Arker: The Legend Of Ohm Redesigns to 3D With AAA Graphics on The Unreal Engine 5

Arker: The Legend Of Ohm Redesigns to 3D With AAA Graphics on The Unreal Engine 5

The game will introduce its 3D redesigned version with AAA graphics on Unreal Engine 5 but development on the 2D version will still continue, the team statement reads.  

Arker: The Legend of Ohm, a Binance Smart Chain-based gaming platform, is finally launching its long-awaited 3D version with AAA graphics built on the Unreal Engine 5. According to the team, the 3D version is expected to launch in the coming months (in Q4 2022), boosting its player-vs-player (PVP) and player-vs-everyone (PVE) battles for the realm of the Kingdom of Ohm. 

Notwithstanding, the gaming title also announced the final 2D full redesign version of the game, following a year of constant development and curation within the game.

According to its website, Arker: The Legend of Ohm is a running and fighting PvP/PvE game that players select their type of character and pets that suit them to take back control and power in the Kingdom of Ohm. The Arker team has created a universe where players can enjoy both, the individual experience and with friends, conducting PVP and PVE battles and guild wars to decide who is the owner of Ohm’s kingdom.

The new improved version of Arker introduces gamers and players to an innovative and creative playable alpha on the 3D metaverse, improving the graphics and features that make the game more interesting. Additionally, players will also be able to have more realistic battles within the reign of Ohm, as they fight for control of the kingdom. The 3D version is still a work in progress with the team currently “completing the “implementation of all the HUD and the system of fights against the enemies that appear in the open world of Ohm”, the team statement reads. 

Regardless of the 3D alpha version launching in Q4, Arker promised the players that the game will be an ‘extension’ of the 2D version, promising to keep working on the previous version in the coming months. 

“We have to emphasize the point that we are not neglecting the current 2D version or the progress of the players in it,” the statement reads. “We also have to make clear that the 3D version we are working on for this year is an alpha version, in which the game will be tested in a controlled way.” 

Arker’s upcoming game will also allow cross-play across several blockchains, allowing players around the globe, no matter their medium of play, to enjoy and compete in the online multiplayer game. Unsurprisingly, the game allows backward compatibility with its 2D version, meaning players can use their 2D game account to follow the progress in the 3D world, and vice versa. This means players will be able to follow their game progress and recover any assets and rewards they’ve achieved in the 2D game. 

The Arker: Legend of Ohm 3D version also plans to integrate more players, features, content, quests, and minigames within the ecosystem. Moreover, players will be able to visit landmarks of the City of Ohm, tour the main buildings, or in the future, acquire land and create businesses on the land to generate additional income. As a play-2-earn game (P2E), Arker incentivizes players for participating in the game with its native token, which can be traded on exchanges or used for in-game purchases and utilities. 

Having won over thousands of gamers in the space with its 2D version, Arker believes the switch to 3D on AAA graphics will push the game to a global audience. Arker: The Legend of Ohm boasts as one of the first blockchain-based games on Nintendo Switch, bringing the game to millions of gamers on the console. Following this success, the Arker team plans to enter a number of partnerships and collaborations in the near future, in a bid to “ bring the game to the maximum number of possible platforms and gamers”. 

Finally, the coming quarter will be a busy one for Arker with several developments and creative builds in the pipeline. Apart from the 3D launch, Arker will introduce metaverse land sales, MMORPG events, world explore travels within the metaverse, and more guild wars. 

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