The Sandbox Last Discounted Land Sale

The Sandbox Public Land Sale

The Sandbox last Discounted Land sale starts tomorrow (November 12th at 1:00 PM GMT), offering 19,200 Land plots, and exclusive Smurf assets. 

Presale 4.3 is the biggest sale until now and your last chance to buy Land in The Sandbox Metaverse with a 10% discount. The sale offers Land plots equal to 11.5% of the total map. After that, the public round will go live that will last until the game sells out all of the remaining Land plots. Keep in mind that only 166,464 Land plots will ever exist in the SandBox metaverse and every previous presale sold out in a few hours each.

Also, this round will feature premium Lands, exclusive assets, and prime locations.

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The SAND Token is the only accepted currency to participate in the sale. To buy Land one must set up an Ethereum wallet in the game, buy SAND Tokens, and claim Land in the games shop when the sale goes live.

SAND Tokens are available for purchase at Binance exchange and Uniswap.

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a gaming metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Land plot is an ERC-721 token while in-game assets are tradable with real usability in the game. Landowners can create unique games and experiences and invite others to participate and compete for SAND rewards. In addition, they can charge SAND tokens to enter their Land, rent it to others, or customize it to increase the selling value.

SAND is an ERC-20 Token that is already listed in various exchanges meaning that you can convert it to Ethereum and profit from your gaming experience. SAND Token also serves as the in-game currency to handle the economy of the game.

Using Voxedit any user can create assets and add them to the game. When you create an item you can upload it to the games marketplace and it becomes an ERC-1155 NFT Token. You can also trade Lands and assets at external exchanges such as OpenSea.

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