Atari Brings Sunnyvale Experience to The Sandbox

Atari Brings Sunnyvale Experience in The Sandbox

Atari is bringing Sunnyvale into The Sandbox as the platform celebrates its birthplace. As Sunnyvale goes live in the incredible virtual world of The Sandbox, players will interact with a massive social and gaming experience. 

The experience will bring tens of Atari game environments and experiences in the metaverse. Also, there will be a full game based on Crystal Castles, an Atari classic arcade game. Out of the 17 games to be represented in Sunnyvale, Crystal Castles will be the first one. 

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Sunnyvale will be packed, as the players can explore and interact with each other. Additionally, the experience will be home to Atari-based characters as NPCs. 

“We are incredibly excited to share Atari Sunnyvale with The Sandbox community, and we know it will draw more Atari fans to the growing platform…

“I am particularly eager for people to experience the elaborate and wondrous environments based on our games that have been created by Sandbox partner studio, Metaworld Entertainments.”

Director of Atari X, Tyler Drewitz.

Atari and The Sandbox isn’t a new pair we see in gaming and the metaverse. Atari is one of the most prominent partners of The Sandbox and will continue to be so. As a matter of fact, Atari happens to be one of the largest landholders in The Sandbox.

“The vision that the team at The Sandbox has, and the creativity and energy they bring to the project, make them an ideal partner for Atari…

“We will continue to experiment and find new ways to bring programming to the open world, and look forward to bringing more experiences to players,” said Atari CEO Wade Rosen.