Axie Infinity Celebrates by Announcing Lunacian Badges

Axie Infinity Celebrates by Announcing Lunacian Badges

Axie Infinity has officially launched the Lunacian Badges on App.axie to honor its dedicated community members, recognizing various achievements within the Lunacia world.

These badges range from owning specific axies to attending special events, emphasizing the diverse ways Lunacians contribute to and engage with the platform.

What Are the Lunacian Badges?

Axie’s Lunacian Badges act as a token of acknowledgment for its most devoted community members. With the introduction of eight new badges, members can now showcase their personal feats on their profiles. While most badges are dynamic, changing as users buy or sell assets, some, like the AxieCon and Axie Contributor badges, are permanent and non-transferable, remaining attached to the original wallet.

The initial badges include:

  • Mystical Badge: For Mystic axie owners.
  • Original Badge: For those who own an Origin axie.
  • Class Master Badge: For those who possess an axie from every class.
  • Part Master Badge: For owners of every normal axie part.
  • Axie Collector Badges: Granted at three levels for owning 3, 100, or 500 axies.
  • Good Goodbye Badges: Given at three levels for releasing 5, 100, or 500 axies.
  • AxieCon: Barcelona Badge: Exclusive for attendees of AxieCon 2022 in Barcelona.

It’s worth noting that these badges differ from the Ronin Gaming ID Badge offered by Clique, Axie’s partner. For more details click here.