Axie Infinity Launches Experience Points and Leveling System

Axie Infinity Launches Experience Points and Leveling System

Blockchain gaming titan, Axie Infinity, has made an exciting announcement. It announced the launch of Axie Experience Points (AXP) and the introduction of Axie Levels. This significant advancement will transform static Axies into dynamic on-chain NFTs, capable of improvement and enhancement through players’ time, skill, and effort.

AXP, which can be earned in Origins, with more game integrations to come, forms the basis for Axie progression and part upgrades. The daily AXP earning potential per Axie is 4500 AXP, provided the Axie belongs to a winning team in each of the 30 stamina-consuming ranked battles. Notably, AXP is bound to individual Axies and cannot be transferred. The company also plans to integrate AXP into a wider range of Axie experiences, including both Sky Mavis-developed games and partnered titles.

The Ascension Process

An Axie can ascend and sync its off-chain level on-chain once it accrues 13,310 AXP, a process which in the future will involve a fee paid in Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), although the fee is waived for the initial launch. There are three ascension points: at levels 9, 19, and 29. The higher an Axie’s level, the more parts can be upgraded. Once an Axie reaches level 30 and ascends three times, it will have the capacity to upgrade three body parts to level 2.

AXP and Axie leveling offer the chance to upgrade an Axie’s body parts. But the deeper value of AXP lies in its role in “meta-games.” The company asserts that such meta-games, represented by AXP and Axie Core, are key to bringing both web3 gaming and NFT space to the next level. The dynamic nature of NFTs means they can be improved over time, and with the launch of AXP, Axies are at the forefront of this evolution in NFT gaming.

Achievements and Rewards

The first ten players to achieve level 30 with their Axies will receive a special reward of Japanese Axies, with the first hundred reaching this milestone receiving a unique Origins avatar and avatar border.

Lastly, AXP offers game creators a unique tool to connect with the Axie Core system directly. It can be used to encourage player engagement and incentivize certain in-game actions. For example, a game creator can issue more AXP for specific actions, like defeating more dungeon bosses, to encourage those behaviors. To facilitate the integration process, Axie Infinity is currently developing guidelines and requirements for third-party Axie experiences.