Axie Infinity Launches Valentine’s Day Contest

Axie Infinity Launches Valentine's Day Contest

Valentine’s Day is widely recognized as a day to express love and appreciation through gifts like romantic dinners or simply spending time with loved ones. Axie Infinity is willing to express its passion for its community members by inviting them on a date with Axie!

This event by Axie Infinity is something you don’t want to miss, as it is the last contest for Origins Season 2!

Valentine’s Day Contest Details

As said before, this is the last contest before the off-season begins. Starting today, Feb. 13, and until Feb. 16, the mission is clear and very simple.

GiftBreed, and Release axies to earn Moonshards, Moon Dusts, a unique Momo avatar, and a limited-edition Valentine’s Day sticker! Earn points for victories in the arena, too.