MegaCryptoPolis Matic Integration is Live

megacryptopolis matic integration

The MegaCryptoPolis Matic Integration is live and brings instant transactions on the Ethereum network, zero Gas Fees, and a free to play mode.

The Ethereum version of the game faced many difficulties until now due to high Gas Fees and a delay in transactions, making this map not affordable for users. The game provides a second map running on the Tron network that is working smoothly. Instead of waiting for the Ethereum 2 launch, MegaCryptoPolis integrated the Matic Network to fix any problem in the Ethereum map and provide a fully working version of the game on both networks.

MegaCryptoPolis is a city-building game on the blockchain, meaning that the gameplay works with smart contracts. It is worth mentioning that the game paid out more than $4.5 Million to its players since 2018. Until now, it was your responsibility to consider the cost of each transaction and pay it by yourself. 

The Matic network also requires a small amount of Matic tokens to complete transactions, but the MegaCryptoPolis team will take care of all the players’ fees on the Matic version. 

Altho the game becomes free to play, keep in mind that some actions like purchasing land plots will still operate on the Ethereum network and will require Gas Fees.

MegaCryptoPolis Matic Integration New Gameplay

By becoming free to play, the game offers an evolved gameplay with a multiverse of various games inside one world and play to earn mechanics for both landowners and citizens.

The game will offer every new user a Gen K Citizen (for an Avatar) and a tiny apartment in the Town Hall. Newcomers will craft their first Items and start with the game without even having a blockchain wallet or investing money to start playing. 

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