Megacryptopolis The Crypto SimCity

Megacryptopolis The Crypto SimCity

Megacryptopolis is the new blockchain simulator game similar to SimCity, built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

MegaCryptopolis is a browser-based game, built with HTML5. It offers rich graphics and an easy to use interface. The game requires you to buy a piece of land using Metamask Ethereum Wallet.

After you get your first land in MegaCryptopolis, you can construct buildings that will reward you with influence points that can be exchanged directly for Ether.

All plots of land that exist within a district shall have an owner to sell its plots. The district owner can set the initial price of plots and get a revenue share from all the sales within it.

Map of MegaCryptopolis Land

All the land blocks are ERC-721 Tokens, which means that you can sell or trade them in the decentralized marketplace.

Different Buildings in different districts provide less or more revenue, depending on what is around.

When someone purchases a spare land block — a smart contract raises the price of the surrounding 24 blocks of land. Part of the purchase price goes amongst block owners in the 5×5 field.

Mega Buildings

The opportunity to construct a one-of-a-kind mega building is perhaps one of the game’s most interesting and anticipated features.

Mega buildings will give players the advantage of a solid multiplier that will increase the number of influence points gained. To be eligible to own a mega building, a player must have at least four land blocks (2×2 square) with Level 5 buildings of the same type. There will also be huge buildings that you can build on two adjacent land plots. Every mega building will be a single ERC-721 token stored inside the Ethereum blockchain. It can be transferred to any other address or sold on the market.

MegaCryptopolis offers its White Book to read more and better understand all the game aspects. Reading this is recommended.

New to MetaMask and crypto games?

There is a quick tour on how to install MetaMask and use it to play MegaCryptoPolis: