Axie Infinity Rewards the Most Engaging Lunacians on Discord with AXS Rewards

Axie plans to distribute 1,000 AXS to its most dedicated Lunacians community members on their server.
Axie Infinity Rewards the Most Engaging Lunacians on Discord with AXS Rewards

The popular blockchain gaming platform Axie Infinity is about to reward the heart and soul of its community. Over the upcoming week, it will be giving away more than 1,000 AXS as a gesture of gratitude to its most engaging members in their Discord server.

Recognizing Active Participants

Hellscream was notably celebrated as the Discord community member for the month. Acknowledgments were also extended to Orcaetal for their instrumental role with the 0l3K bot during Axie Week, and kudos to OGK and Gila for their consistent live streams of BIG3 Trilogy games. Join Axie’s Discord server here!

From June to August, 25 esteemed community members were selected for rewards. The list includes known handles like Hellscream.ron, Nicheesan, asepsleubew, and many more.

Selection Criteria for Active Members

Rewarding members for their active participation might sound simple, but the real challenge lies in the selection process. Discord employs its bots to gather relevant data and assigns scores to Lunacians. Members with the highest scores then become eligible for a slice of the 1,000 AXS prize. While the criteria for selection revolve around passion, consistency, optimism, and cooperation, Discord is also considering refining the process in the future to capture more qualitative measures of contribution.