Enjin Multiverse NFTs Coming To Twitch Via PlayNFT

PlayNFT on Twitch

Twitch, the well-known streaming platform for games, podcasts, and small talks, will soon have PlayNFT features via a plugin.

With this addition and the robust increase of NFTs at the time we speak, they will bring excitement to the daily users of Twitch and the new ones.

Creators and streamers on Twitch will have the chance to offer NFTs as a reward for their viewers. That will account to more interactions with the creators and spending more time watching their favorite streamers.

Streamers will be able to go to PlayNFT.io, mint NFTs, and select apps and games where they want their NFTs to be usable, automatically practicing multiverse features.

PlayNFT is the missing piece to bring more graphically interactions with the community.

Of course, this is not the only benefit of the PlayNFT features. Adding value to NFTs as ERC-1155 tokens backed by $ENJ tokens, connecting NFTs for in-game rewards, while the assets can be traded on Enjin’s EnjinX marketplace.