Axie Infinity Updates & Land Staking

Axie Infinity Updates & Land Staking

Axie Infinity announced on Twitter that they will be deploying large patches to Origin that’ll officially put the game into Phase 2. Until all the updates are complete, the game will be down.

What’s New After the Update?

  • The beginning of Alpha Season Leaderboard.
  • All the progression will be reset (such as ranking, resources, runes, and charms)
  • The opponent’s info will be visible again in the top right corner. (energy, number of cards in each pile)

There is another balancing update around Cards, Runes, Charms, and new Effects. On desktop, users can now automatically log into the game if they are logged into their Mavis Hub account.

Return – A New In-Game Mechanism

Using this, the players can select more than one card from their hand and put them directly on top of their Draw Pile.  Those cards will be drawn in the next round. 

Per card selected, the cost is 1 Energy. 

Update – Revenge Card

The maximum number of cards is reduced from 6 to 4. 

Instead of being converted from hand, revenge cards will be immediately shuffled into the Discard Pile. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • A lot of bugs are fixed when crafting with Moondust.
  • Fixed a bug when the internet connection was interrupted, cards would be played twice.
  • Fixed a bug where Mavis could still reduce the Energy of cards even after they died.
  • Fixed a bug where a summoned Robin could become immortal
  • Fixed a bug where Fury and Stealth animations were not showing up
  • The bug has also been fixed where Bloodmoon would sometimes cause the game to crash
  • Fixed a bug where Mavis could permanently reduce the energy cost of cards with Retain

The “Update Now” button has also been fixed. Upon clicking, it will correctly download the newest version of Origin.

Land Staking Tomorrow 

Axie Infinity just posted that they plan to release Land Staking in the next 24 hours – now you’ll be able to start staking your Land. 

You can see the Countdown Here.

After one hour, AXS rewards will start to accrue to the staked Land: Countdown