Axie Infinity: What’s Coming Next?

Axie Infinity Basic Statics

As Axie infinity continues to top the crypto space and the NFT world, development updates are continuously delivered for the fastest-growing nation worldwide. 

Recently, Axie released a preview of the crafting system which can be found here.

Record-Breaking Growth

Axie Infinity is undoubtedly getting millions of supporters worldwide. 

Developers have to overcome the server scaling issues, a problem that has no previous history in terms of development. 

To be exact, no one has ever managed to scale a decentralized game so big as Axie. 

Remember that Axie gamers play around one to four hours to finish the daily quests and some even more.

That is why developers are now working on an entirely new game server that would solve this issue and make the Axie community more satisfied with their experience and earnings all at the same time.

Moreover, in terms of protocol revenue, Axie is known to generate more fees in the last 30 days compared to other crypto products.

For the 30-day NFT volume, Axie sweeps the Rank 1 as well by all-time volume.

Lastly, total DAU has reached the 800k mark, and with that performance, Axie is now expected to reach 1 million users in the coming days!

Battle System Version 2.0

The battle system version 2.0 is the much-awaited upgraded battle system that will be introduced in Axie Infinity. 

The Origin team is in charge of the development, an independent group within Sky Mavis that will only work in this particular update.

In addition, this month, the developers were able to accomplish the following:

  •  The initial launch content for the PVE adventure mode.
  • The PVE tutorials.
  • Through in-game drops, the Axie card has been upgraded.

The developers also promised to work on a ranked PVP mode and a quest system anytime soon. Then they will decide when the origin will be available for Alpha testers.

Axie Homeland

The land in Axie Infinity is one of the most anticipated updates. Players will use it to harvest resources, build up a settlement, and fight for the territory. 

For that reason, the developers made sure that this month, Axie hired a new game designer that will join the land team in September. They have also started working for “seasons” for the land gameplay. 

Every season will promote distinct competitive features that might work well in land gameplay. Lastly, they have refined control, decoration logic, and building management.

Axie’s scaling solution, Ronin, is the most utilized Ethereum sidechain for NFTs. It is a digital passport that crossed 500 million USD in deposited assets and over1 million downloads (Ronin wallet)!

Furthermore, the developers are now working out for the launch of AXS staking. They have also released a revamped block explorer and upgraded the Ronin wallet. The developers are also looking for ways to use the Ronin wallet to benefit those players who do not have a bank account of their own. However, players are advised to use only the link posted through official channels to avoid being scammed.

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