Azuki Generated Roughly $3M From 8 Skateboards

Azuki Generated Roughly $3M From 8 Skateboards

After 24 hours of fierce bidding, Azuki sold eight skateboard NFTsgenerating approximately 1900 ETH!

What a day it was for Chiru Labs. In reality, the company behind the skateboard NFTs broke the record for the most expensive skateboard ever sold (in fact, the eight most costly skateboards ever sold).

The list of skateboards sold goes as follows:

  1. Dragon emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 309 ETH.
  2. Fire emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 303 ETH.
  3. Lightning emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 240 ETH.
  4. Water emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 231 ETH.
  5. Earth emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 208 ETH.
  6. Red Panda emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 207.9 ETH.
  7. Cat emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 202 ETH.
  8. Frog emblem Golden Skateboard sold for 200 ETH.

With today’s standards, where Ethereum costs about $1,500, Azuki roughly generated $3M.

These skateboards are anime-inspiredcovered in gold, and can be burned for physically backed tokens! By saying that, Azuki means that the owners can burn the NFTs and receive a real-life, gold-plated skateboard.