Bandai Namco Unveils AI-Based Virtual Pet NFT Game RYUZO on Oasys Network

Bandai Namco Unveils AI-Based Virtual Pet NFT Game RYUZO on Oasys Network

Bandai Namco, the well-known Japanese gaming giant, has announced the release of an AI-powered virtual pet Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game called RYUZO on the Oasys Network. The launch follows a collaboration with Japan-based startup Attracture and comes hot on the heels of the Japanese government’s affirmation of support for web3 initiatives.

In expanding its bond with Oasys Network, a leading layer 1 blockchain developer, Bandai Namco is elevating its gaming offerings by introducing advanced AI elements into the world of NFTs. Its research unit collaborated with Attracture to design the new game, which is to be published by Double Jump.Tokyo.

Embracing the NFT Gaming Revolution

RYUZO features a unique series of NFT digital creatures known as RYU. An initial airdrop of 10,000 digital NFT eggs, named MARYU, was given to Oasys NFT holders. These eggs are set to transform into soulbond NFTs upon hatching, giving holders a chance to obtain ownership stakes in the project, depending on their community contributions.

The soulbound tokens remain linked to the original wallet, making them non-transferable and non-saleable. Mimicking Bandai Namco’s classic Tamagotchi game, the RYU creatures are designed to develop distinct personalities, unlocking various capabilities based on user interaction. Utilizing artificial intelligence, these creatures can learn new skills, improving the overall user experience.

The Oasys Network, known for its focus on blockchain gaming, has attracted numerous mainstream gaming companies to its validator network. Notable names such as Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft have joined Bandai Namco as node providers. In addition to these collaborations, Bandai Namco continues to explore web3 and metaverse ventures, building on their significant $130 million investment last year into a metaverse experience based on the famous “Gundam” anime franchise.