MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide – How to Become a PRO in MCH

how to battle like a pro in mycryptoheroes mch

Welcome to the MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide.

Let me begin by saying that MyCryptoHeroes, also known as Mikuri in Japan, beneath all that static images and pixel art graphics, hides extremely complex gameplay that will definitely surprise you! Being an educated MCH player obviously comes with the advantage of knowing your way around, rather than just forming a team you like and hitting the battle button. During my research and endless battles on how MCH works, I learned that you don’t necessarily need to have the best team to win. Of course, this doesn’t apply when your opponent is too strong.

In our MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide, you will learn to battle like a pro by understanding how the attacks work. Grab a cup of coffee, you are going to need it.

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MyCryptoHeroes is constantly the number 1 Ethereum game since its very first day of existence and steadily becomes a trend among Japanese (and not only) gamers. This is a result of the deep and sophisticated gameplay that more than 6,000 active players enjoy.

We believe that MCH is a game that doesn’t need an introduction, we have shared a number of articles in the past that explain a lot of things, today, we will write a simple, yet informative guide on how to master the battle system and make the most out of it.

MCH can be played from Desktop, using any modern browser and from smartphones using any compatible dapp browser, or the official Android release.

Let’s begin with the basics

The MCH concept, when it comes to assets is quite simple, give value to your assets while playing. The same champion can have a huge price difference based on the level. So, the more you play, the more valuable your asset might become.

You form a team of 3 heroes, battle in nodes with turn-based fights of 30 rounds, duel other players and choose the land to belong to.

Attributes in MCH Heroes

Each hero in MCH has 4 attributes that increase as you level up the hero and by equipping items. See the image below, this is a level 66 Hanzo Hattori, an MCH champion with 2 items equipped. Under the hero image, you can see the attributes.

Hanzo Hattori IN MCH Example for our MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide
Hanzo Hattori Level 66, MCH Champion. From Left to right: HP (414), PHY (121), INT(102), AGI (155)
AttributeAttribute NameEffecting Skill
HPHit PointsThe “life” of your hero. Increase it with extensions such as armor. Some passive skills may be triggered by the remaining HP.
PHYPhysicsAffects PHY based skills, both attacking and defending. Also used in healing and recovery.
INTIntelligenceSimilar to PHY, INT affects attack damage and damage taken from opponents. It can be raised with extensions and found in passive skills.
AGIAgilityActivates Skills Faster. The more AGI your hero has, the more frequently attacks with skills.

But that’s not all, these are just the basic elements a hero can have, the table below explains more.

AppearanceThe appearance of a hero. Using “Art Edit” you can change the way it looks, as well as the HP, PHY, INT, and AGI. Passive skill will also change.
RarityThe rarity of the hero which also equates to the strength. 5 rarity types available, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Crypto EnergyThe equivalent of experience. Gain Crypto Energy to level up from quest (nodes) or exchange it for GUM.
Stamina Hero consumes stamina when fighting in nodes and duels. Recovers 1 stamina every 5 minutes.
LevelAs you gain Crypto Energy, you level up and become more powerful. Level cap depends on rarity. Common is 60, Uncommon is 70, Rare is 80, Epic is 90 and Legendary 100.
Passive SkillA unique skill that comes with the hero. Can’t be changed.
Active Skill 1 This skill is acquired by equipping an extension.
Active Skill 2Another skill acquired by equipping an extension.
Active Skill 3It comes with the hero. Can be changed using “Art Edit” mode.

Damage Calculations in MCH

We can’t write a MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide without doing some maths, right? Who is good at maths? I’m terrible, yet I can understand them, so don’t worry, read below and get to know how damage and healing calculations are done in MyCryptoHeroes.

The calculations are affected by the stats, passive or active skills, as well as the items (extensions) equipped to the heroes.

PHY Damage

Let’s take a look at a simple PHY Damage formula.

PHY Damage Dealt (PDD):

PDD = (Attacker’s PHY・️ xx % )・️ (100 — Damage Reduction Rate)%

Damage Reduction Rate= Target’s PHY / 2

Keep in mind that there are three variables to consider when attacking an opponent:  Attacker’s PHYItem Effect, and Defender’s PHY.

Defender’s PHY is the Damage Reduction Rate, with a cap at 40%. This means that the defender can block a maximum of 40% of the attack.

Now, its time for a real example.

Attacker: Raiden TammemonDefender: Pocahontas
PHY: 75PHY: 43
Red Strike: Deals 40-60 of PHY DamageDamage Reduction:(43 PHY /2)% = 21.5%

Let’s calculate the PHY Damage Dealt based on a real example:

  • PDD = (75・️ 40~60% )・️ (100 – 21.5)%
  • PDD = (30 ~ 45) ・️ 78.5%
  • PDD = 23 ~ 35

Based on the math above, Raiden Tameemon will attack Pocahontas with a not-so-powerfull attack between 23 and 35.

INT Damage

INT damage follows the same formula with PHY damage. The only difference here is that instead of using PHY, you calculate with INT, obviously. 🙂

INT Damage Dealt (IDD):

IDD = (Attacker’s INT・️ xx % )・️ (100 — Damage Reduction Rate)%

Damage Reduction Rate= Target’s INT / 2

Just like with PHY above, you should note the attacker’s INT, item effect and defender’s INT.

Defender’s INT decides the Damage Reduction Rate, which is also capped at 40%.

Healing Effects

Healing and recovery in MCH come in different forms. There is Group Heal (White Candy), hybrid self and ally heal (Necklace’s Healing) or just ally heal (Quill’s Elite Recovery)

The formula in healing is simpler than attacking and it goes like this.

HEAL = (Casting Hero’s INT + Target Hero’s PHY・ ️xx % / 2

I will quote an example that MCH gave in their official blog which is straight-forward.

Healing im MyCryptoHeroes for the MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide
Fukuzawa YukichiJack the Ripper
INT: 133 PHY: 165
Elite Recovery: Recover the party member with the lowest HP by 40–50%

Take a look at Fukuzawa Yukichi, he uses the Elite Recovery skill which targets Jack the Ripper as he is the member with the lowest HP at this time:

  • HEAL = (133 + 165)  ️40 ~ 50% / 2
  • HEAL = ️298・️ ️20 ~ 25%
  • HEAL = 59 HP~ 74 HP

I hope you understand how healing works in MCH. Obviously, you can’t do the maths before each battle and predict hundreds of outcomes, but you get the point. It’s good to know this information if you in MyCryptoHeroes.

Extensions (Items) in MCH

extensions in MCH MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide
MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide - How to Become a PRO in MCH 43

Now that you know how battles work, it’s time to understand how extensions work in MyCryptoHeroes. There are 2 types of extensions, Original and Replicas. Equip extensions to your hero in order to become stronger!

Original Extensions

The original extensions are ERC-721 assets that can be equipped to your heroes and upgrade its powers. You can find them by fighting in nodes or purchase them through the marketplace. Let’s take a look at their features.

  • Orginal extensions have a fixed supply, for example, there might be only 200 pieces of a specific extension available.
  • Use CE (Crypto Energy) to level up.
  • Can be sold for ETH or traded with other players.
  • Can be moved outside MCH. (In order to sell in opensea or other marketplaces)
  • Can’t be exchanged for CE.
  • Can set a nickname.

Like Heroes, Extensions come in different rarities. Take a look at the list below to find out more.

  • Legendary – Max level is 100
  • Epic – Max level is 90
  • Rare – Max level is 80
  • Uncommon – Max level is 70
  • Common – Max level is 60

Orignal extensions, as you can understand, are real blockchain assets that truly belong to you. But that’s not the case with replicas.

Replica Extensions

Replica extensions are copies of original extensions. They are not ERC-721 assets, therefore you can’t sell them as they don’t truly belong to you.

Let’s take a look at Replica extensions features.

  • They are unlimited in quantity.
  • Can’t level up
  • Can’t sell or trade.
  • Can be exchanged to CE at the Lab.
  • They have a fixed lifespan duration. (7 Days for example)

Replicas have their own rarity just like original ones. The list below shows what rarity types exist.

  • Rep S – The Highest rarity.
  • Rep A
  • Rep B
  • Rep C
  • Rep D
  • Rep E
  • Rep F – The Lowest rarity.

Replicas can be found easily in nodes, they are usually more powerful from original ones but you can’t use them for as long as you want. It’s easy to recognize a replica from an original extension as there is a sign that tells you what the extension is.


The MYZO sign is the way to learn how many Original extensions are hidden in a Node. MYZO is decreased as players gather more and more original extensions.

Art Edit in MCH

Now that you have understood what each element in MCH does, let’s take a look at the “Art Edit” which is a great way to make your hero stronger.

On the upper-right corner, you will see the “Art” button. Click on it and then upload your image.

To demonstrate Art Edit, I am going to add an image of Rick, the mad scientist from Rick and Morty to Fukuzawa Yukich.

After uploading the image you can see the active skill “Black Shout” that was randomly assigned to the Art Edit. Then you will be required to select a hero to equip the edit.

MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide art upload guide

This is Fukuzawa Yukich, father of modern Japan & Samurai, born in 1835, before the Art Edit.

MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide art edit

These are the new stats of Fukuzawa Yukichi after equipping the art edit image.

MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide

Now, we have a crazy-Fukuzawa-scientist, look at this gentleman.

Rick Fukuzawa yukichi art edit mch egamers Welcome to the MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide.

You can notice the new stats and an active skill called “Black Shout” that deals 40% – 50% damage to the forefront enemy based on our hero INT.

Confused? When “Black Shout” is activated, our crazy-Fukuzawa-scientist will deal 75.5 (40%) to 90.6 (50%) damage. Rember, the attack is based on INT which is 151.

Now, depending on the INT of our enemy which serves as defense, the attack might have a bigger, or, lower impact.

You can always remove art edits and play around to find the optimal stats that works for you the best.

What kind of MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide would this be without some hints?

Colors in MCH Art Edit can result in specific active skills. Below is a list of what you can get with each color.

The red color will result in the “Red Strike” skill.

Red Strike deals 40–60% of PHY worth of damage to the forefront enemy.

The Blue color will grant you with the Blue Blossom skill.

Blue Blossom Raises your forefront party members INT / AGI by 10% of INT value.

The Green color will give you the Green Wreath.

Green Wreath will raise your forefront party members PHY / AGI by 15% of INT value.

The Yellow color gives you the Yellow Blast skill. 

Yellow Blast declines forefront enemy’s INT by 10% of INT value.

Black color will give to your hero the “Black Shout” skill.

Black Shout: deals 40–50% of INT worth of damage to the forefront enemy.

The Cyan color will give you the Cyan Frost skill.

Cyan Frost declines forefront enemy’s PHY by 10% of INT value.

The magenta color will give to your hero the Magenta Mushroom skill.

Magenta Mushroom Inflicts 20–40% of PHY worth of damage to the forefront enemy and may also inflict confusion to forefront enemy.

The white color gives you the White Candy skill.

White Candy recovers your whole party by 20%.

Now that you know about the active skills and what each color can give you, let’s take a look at another great way to get skills which I found by researching. The philosophy behind this is: Upload an object, animal or what stated below to get an advanced skill. You will have to test what works best for you.

Specific Images Gives You Specific Skills

? Upload a Dog image to get the Innocent Loyalty skill. ?

Innocent Loyalty inflicts 40% of PHY worth of damage to the forefront enemy and recovers yourself by 10%.

? Upload a Monkey image for the Monkey Magic skill. ?

Monkey Magic Inflicts 30% INT damage to the forefront enemy. It also inflicts confusion effect to the forefront enemy.

? Upload a Cat image to acquire the Purr Purr Punch Skill ?

Purr Purr Punch Inflicts 40% of PHY damage to the forefront enemy. It also raises your AGI by 5%.

? Upload a Bird image to get the High Flyer skill. ?

High Flyer raises your AGI by 10%.

? Upload a Wink image to receive the Goddess Wink. ?

Wink inflicts 40% PHY damage and declines PHY of forefront enemy by 5% of INT value.

? Upload a Boy’s Face image to get the “Chuunibyou” skill. ?

Boy’s Face will Inflict 30% of INT damage and decline INT by 5%to the forefront enemy.

? Upload a Girl image to get the “Girl’s Talk” skill. ?

The Girl will inflict 30% of INT worth of damage and raise your INT by 5%.

? Upload a Glasses image to get the “Glasses Effect” skill. ?

Battle in style with Glasses and raise your INT by 5% while declining forefront enemy’s INT by 5% of INT value.

? Upload a Snake image to get the Sidewinder skill. ?

Sidewinder inflicts 40% PHY damage and poisons the forefront enemy.

? Upload a Suite image to acquire the “Gentleman’s Dignity” skill. ?

Wear a Versace Suit to recover yourself by 20% and raise your INT by 5%.

? Upload a Hat image to get the “Hat Trick” skill. ?

Hat allows you to inflict 15% of PHY worth of damage to forefront enemy 3 times.

?  Upload a Car image for the “Full Throttle” skill. ?

The car will raise your AGI by 5% and decline forefront enemy’s AGI by 5%.

? Upload a Forest image to get the “Relaxing in the forest” skill. ?

The Forest recovers your whole party by 10% and also recovers the party member with the lowest HP by 10%.

?? Upload the USA flag image and get the “Statue of Liberty” skill ??

America can Inflict 10% of PHY worth of damage to all enemies and decline all enemy’s PHY by 5% of PHY value.

How to Attack More Frequently in MCH

You read this right! The key here is AGI (Agility). Remember the 3 active skills of your hero? In order to overcome your opponent, or win in a node, it’s mandatory to use those skills. The battles are predefined, you can’t cast a skill whenever you want to, but you can raise the AGI of your hero to cast skills frequently. Now that’s something you would like to see in a MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide. 🙂

The formula goes like this: Each round, your heroes gain “Action Points” equals to 100+AGI. When it reaches 1000, the first active skill is triggered. The same applies to your enemies. Once your skill is triggered, the “Action Points” resets to 0.

Now, lets set a hypothetical example. We have a team of 3, George with 50 AGI, Mike with 90 AGI and Robert with 68 AGI.

Take a look at the table below to understand how AGI works.

Bold means the active skill is triggered.

TurnGeorge (AGI 50)Mike (AGI 90)Robert (AGI 68)
1150 (100+50)190 (100+90) 168 (100+68)
69001140 → 01008 → 0
71050 → 0 190 168
127501140 → 0 1008 → 0
141050 → 0 380336
186001140 → 0 1008 → 0
211050 → 0 570504
244501140 → 0 1008 → 0
281050 → 0 760672
303001140 → 0 1008 → 0

You should have now learned that while Mike (AGI 90) has more AGI than Robert (AGI 68), they both cast their skills with the same frequency because after each skill cast the AP points reset to 0. Mike attacks first because of higher AP.

Mike, in each 5th round, has 950 points. In order to cast more frequently than Robert, he should be able to reach the 1000 mark at the 5th round. So, he needs 10 more AGI to do so. (100 AP + 100 AGI = 200 *5 = 1000)

Robert (AGI 68) reaches the 1000 AP mark at the 6th round with 1008 AP, if his AGI was 66 (100 AP + 66 AGI = 166 *6 = 996), he would have to wait until the 7th round to cast the first active skill.

Passive Skills in MCH

MCH BATTLE GUIDE PASSIVE SKILLS Welcome to the MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide.
MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide - How to Become a PRO in MCH 44

Passive skills, like any other game, are triggered passively. Let’s see how they work and what they can do in our MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide.

The rule of activating a passive skill goes like this: If this happens, then passive skill activates.

You can be very creative with passive skills and once the conditions are met, the passive skill activates. The Passive Skill may not activate if your champion is under the influence of confusion, sleep, poison or any other skill that may cause an abnormal reaction

A strategy to apply in a battle could be:

  • A tank to take the damage and inflict damage.
  • A DP with lots of damage and a passive heal skill to heal the tank. (or the team)
  • A Healer to cast some damage and also heal the tank. (or the team)

If multiple passive skills meet the conditions, they get executed with the following order:

  • Attacking vanguard
  • Attacking guard
  • Attacking rear guard
  • Defending avant-garde
  • Defense defender
  • Defender rear guard

Congratulations for making it so far

MCH is an exciting game to play, your time invested in this game will be rewarded. Don’t forget to use our invite code Kp8U to receive a free replica hero (replica can’t be traded), as well as other free starter heroes. The game has its own marketplace where you can purchase heroes and of course, from the Opensea. In overall, MCH is an expensive game to play if you plan to be in the higher leagues, you will understand this when you take a look at the marketplace prices, but you can play for free and fight lower nodes, you will still earn a lot! We hope you liked our MyCryptoHeroes Battle Guide, stay tuned for more information in the near future!

If you have any questions, feel free to jump at telegram community.