Battle Racers launches its Season 1 crate sale!

Get exclusive items from the arcade racing blockchain game being developed on Decentraland.

December 3, 2019 – Manila-based studio Altitude Games is having a crate sale featuring Season 1 exclusive car parts and limited edition items from its game Battle Racers on December 3 to 20, 2019 or until all crates have been sold. An early-bird discount courtesy of Matic Network is available on the first 48 hours of the sale.

Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where you design, build, and race model cars on arcade-sized tracks. Mix and match parts and weapons to create the perfect car, then use its combat skills to beat other players to the finish line. Players can join competitive races, practice on their own, customize cars in the garage, or simply hang out and watch the action.

“We’re pleased to launch the Season 1 sale of Battle Racers to the blockchain game community. Along with our partners such as Matic Network, Decentraland, CryptoKitties, DappRadar, and My Crypto Heroes, we’re one step closer to bringing blockchain gaming to the mainstream gamer community,” Altitude Games CEO Gabby Dizon says.

While waiting for its official launch on blockchain-based platform Decentraland, a standalone Early Access is publicly available on the Battle Racers website. Players are able to use car parts that they have purchased from previous pre-sales, traded on the OpenSea marketplace, or newly bought from the Season 1 sale. 

Four types of crates will be sold with a limited number of crates and varying drop rates per type. Each crate contains up to four random parts belonging to cars that are exclusively from Season 1, and won’t ever be sold or dropped once the sale ends. 

These parts are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on the Matic Network sidechain. Included in Season 1 are limited edition cars such as the Guerilla Cyber, which has become a #1 trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag #CyberTruckOnBlockchain, as well as the Binance Bug. Details on upcoming collaborations with CryptoKitties and My Crypto Heroes will also be announced soon.

In support of the Season 1 sale, a crate giveaway for Early Access registrants and a bounty campaign calling for community-created content are also ongoing.

Visit the official Battle Racers website and Medium blog for more info and purchase Season 1 crates before they are sold out:  

About the Company:

Altitude Games is a Manila-based game studio behind the free-to-play mobile games Kung Fu Clicker, Holy Ship! (3rd IMGA SEA Best Quickplay), Dream Defense (2017 Android Excellence for Fall), and Run Run Super V. The company was founded in 2014 by veterans of the Southeast Asian game industry. Their mission is to bring the best Asian mobile games to the rest of the world. Battle Racers is their first blockchain-based game. Learn more about Altitude at

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