🎤 GFTB: Fables of Fyra With COO, Dino Foderaro

Fables of Fyra With COO, Dino Foderaro

Welcome back to the Games From The Block podcast. Today, George Tsagkarakis interviews Dino Fedoraro, CEO of Invisible Goat Studios, creators of Fables of Fyra.

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Who are you and what is that you guys do with Fables of Fyra?

I’m Dino Foderaro, the COO of Invisible Goat Studios, which is the incubator and the creator of The Fables of Fyra. So Fables of Fyra is a single player role playing game on the blockchain that has a very unique approach to the play to earn space. That’s a little bit different than what we’ve seen out there.

And what we’ve kind of currently seen in the market. So, you know, just kind of starting from the beginning, our background, we’ve been linked to the Vulcan Forged community for quite some time now, almost almost two years, and really have grown from the original idea of being more of like an art project.

Solving these dragons and kind of allowing this creativity that really allowed families to participate in the blockchain, in the NFT space, to this entire ecosystem built and based around these family friendly dragons that really allow players the opportunity to craft and farm, explore quests, and really just kind of enjoy this mythical world that we’ve created, which is which is really a testament

How is this game going to be?

Yeah. So this is a downloadable game. So it’s PC and Mac right now. Eventually, we will have a mobile component. We’re working to try to determine how we can kind of get out the Android in the iOS ecosystems or spaces with that with our technology. So like right now, downloadable game and what it really is, it is a hybrid between your standard farming, crafting game farming, crafting scavenging game that has a really fun and an interactive questing component to it.

So when you come into the ecosystem, whether it’s on free land or on NFT land, which enables the play to earn space, you have a dragon that you control. It’s your character, right? You explore this entire Kingdom of Dragon that has this really great backbone of law that was written by a creator of law. And it really allows the player to kind of explore and use their time within the game how they enjoy.

So we’ve developed this principle that we called enjoyable earnings, right? So you can come into our ecosystem and how we have the economy built and how the game is built. The players can really come in and do what they enjoy. If they enjoy crafting and farming and developing their their ranch or their farm, then they can do that and they can earn their shares by crafting and farming if they want to go out and explore and quest.

And we’ve got we got hundreds of quests built into the ecosystem right now, and that’s expanding. They can go out and Quest and they can earn their shares by questing and exploring the lore, really diving into this law that has that is so rich and multi-level. It’s really a neat approach to that single player role playing game where you can really kind of go in and individualize your world and really enjoy the time that you’re spending within that within the ecosystem.

Why someone should own NFT land and what are the benefits of the land?

We take a unique approach to land versus kind of what we’ve seen in the space so far. You know, a lot of times you buy a plot of land, you get one plot of land and an entire ecosystem or a kingdom. So what we did was flip it on its head a little bit. So when you buy a plot of land within the fables of Fyra, you get that entire kingdom that you’re purchasing.

So right now we’re selling our first kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Dreka. And so when you buy a plot of Dragon Land, when you get that, did you get that entire kingdom? Now the entire kingdom of Dreka is yours to explore to build out. And it really allows you to individualize and customize your experience within Fables of Fyra because every decision that you make, every entity that you add to your kingdom, every quest that you complete that unlocks different areas, makes your kingdom different, your plot of land different than everybody else’s.

Furthermore, the kingdom, the plot of land that you purchase is what allow you access to the place to earn economy. So if you come in on free land, right, whether you have an NFT dragon or a free dragon and you play on free land, you can build and craft and explore and farm and you can craft items that you can turn into adapters and sell on the marketplace.

So now, right now, we are having our Silver Key Land sale. We had our Gold Key Land and now we’re having our Silver Key Sale, the gold and silver key, our very, very limited plots. Gold was a thousand plots. Silver is also 1000 plots. And these are special plots that world war adding to our early supporters of the fables of fyra ecosystem.

I can see that you have a dual token economy. Would you mind explaining us how this model is going to work?

So very similar to what you’ve seen in the Vulcan Forge. What you see kind of in some of the other gaming ecosystems will have a premium token. That’s like a cross franchise utility token that will really have long standing benefit as we expand out the ecosystem within Fables of Fire, as well as other games and other expansions into into other areas.

So that token will will have fixed supply. It will only be mentioned once. So the only way you’ll have access to the bar token is either through the public sale, which is yellow, which is our token launch, or through earnings within the, you know, within the ecosystem or whatnot. So that case or that buy token will be used for staking, primarily used for staking within your land.

It’ll be used for entering tournaments it’ll be the reward that’s given out of the rewards pool and really provide a lot of benefits to holders. Right? So holding a specific amount of bar with with a specific NFT will give you specific or specialty roles within the ecosystem, which will allow you to earn more and it’ll also give you first early and exclusive access to qualified content as we expand.

Right? So it’s really an important token to hold like I said, this is the one that you’ll find on the exchanges on the decks. And so it’s what we’re calling our premium token, and then we have our cave token. So the kind of token is really that that lifeblood of the economy, you know, within the play to earn space.

So that’s what you’ll earn daily. And then that’s what kind of you’ll use for in-game purchases for minting your items in game, you know, for like so as you build some of these hard earned items or I find some of these hard earned items, you can turn those into NFC use within the game using K. Furthermore, that cave is going to be really beneficial for you except kind of how you spend and grow your land and your, you know, your kingdom.

So like I said, it really is that lifeblood of the economy. So we’re the lava and the Vulcan forged space.

Do you believe the economy is going to be sustainable in the long term?

Well, I think what we’ve addressed a lot of the concerns that we’ve seen from other play to earn economies, right. Like as you look at some of the other play to earn economies, they didn’t really control the amount of supply being entered into the economy. It was really just kind of a runaway minting system where we our system really relies on the amount of lands in circulation and the amount of shares mined to really determine how much carb is minted in each day.

Furthermore, we have those burn mechanisms that are built within the economy so we can burn and we can burn when necessary to ensure that there’s tokens being removed from that. That overall circulating supply and really one of the biggest things that we do that I don’t think a lot of other games have done is we don’t rely on the behavior of the players to really control the the how the cave is removed from circulation.

Right. So like those burn mechanisms are on our side, right? Based on different things that have to happen. Plus we’re controlling the amount of supply coming in. So therefore we’re not relying on players holding or, you know, like liquidity tools to ensure the value of the play. To earn token, we’ve kind of controlled our own destiny on that standpoint.

By setting these different these different drains of tokens while also ensuring that we’re controlling that supply that’s coming in and then creating an an external demand for K, right? So the players that come on to the free land and the free to play land, they can grow it. So in our game, we have a very, very robust and strategic expertize like experience trees and so you can become a master craftsman and let’s say roasting, right?

And so you can make these great recipes allow you to complete a lot of these quest and and really expanding those those recipes have a lot of end game value, but you don’t you can’t be a master roaster and a master Smith And so to complete and to continue growing your, your world or your your kingdom, you may need some items that can only be crafted by a master Smith So you’re going to have to go into the marketplace to purchase those that have teas.

What get what players can do in the game to earn ?

Players come in, they can craft, they can farm, they can quest, they can scavenge so to earn your shares to mine your shares, it’s two to 4 hours of gameplay to get your full taskbar completed. Right. But like I said, we’ve really allowed it to be up to the player to earn and mine their shares in the manner that they enjoy most.

For example, I know you’re probably familiar with Walter Chambers. He’s a, he’s a ball convert orange guy and he’s on our team. He’s a crafter, right? Like he loves the grind and make axes and all that. Stuff, and that’s how he wants to complete his, his daily task bar. Me, I’m a legend of Zelda guy. Like, I mean, I’m a quester.

I like so I’m going to go out and there’s hundreds of quests that I could complete the fill out my task bar, and that’s growing every, every day as they continue to develop more quest. That’s what I’m going to do to earn my share. Right. And so you can kind of go and if you’re a blended guy, you know, you don’t like that, you know, you want to grind some days, other days you want to quest.

You can kind of come into the ecosystem and earn the way that you want to earn. And I definitely recommend check out our YouTube channel, check out all of our social media. We got a ton of gameplay video out there every week. On Wednesday, we do a livestream where we show like dev updates, you know, like from like an agile standpoint, we’re running these kind of sprints every and every week.

Thank you very much. Thank you. Bye bye, guys.

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