Fables of Fyra Public Land Sale This Friday, 20th of May

Fables of Fyra Public Land Sale

Edit 19/5/22: Update sale date after re-scheduling by the game.

The Vulcan Forged powered, Open-World RPG, Fables of Fyra is hosting the public land sale of Friday 20 of May.

Fables of Fyra: Awakening is an exciting NFT-based open-world game where dragons’ adventures begin. In Fables of Fyra: Awakening, there is this one inhabitable Land called Dreka which is the center of attention.

Silver Key Land – Benefits 

In the world of Dreka, you can begin your journey free of cost by using free land plots to discover the game’s universe. Keep in mind that free land plots do not earn anything, despite the game’s P2E mechanism.

Silver Key, however, is a rare, unique key that opens door to some of the most special and exclusive regions of Fyra Oyer. There are some other benefits as well that increase your land’s earning potential. 

  • Only 1000 Silver Key Plots are available.
  • Price per NFT: 399 $MATIC. (or equivalent ETH, USDT, PYR)

The whitelist sale has already taken place from May 10 – 15. Now, the Public Silver Key Land sale will begin this Wednesday (May 18, 2022)

There was also a Gold Key Holder sale from May 11 to May 13 but that’s old news now. 

And did we mention OG Full Set Holder will get some exclusive benefits as well? 

Here’s the complete list of benefits:

  • An OG Dragon (Previously Released & on Secondary Market)
  • Gold Key Land (Previously Released & on Secondary Market)
  • NFT Land (coming at the public launch)
  • Statue of Augino (Previously Released & on Secondary Market)
  • Silver Key Land (coming May 2022)