Beyond the Void AmbroCup #4 – Register Now

Beyond the void ambro cup #4
Beyond the void ambro cup #4

Registration for the AmbroCup#4 online tournament on Beyond the Void game
is live! It’s battle time!

Players can now register for the next online tournament on Beyond the Void game. It’s a F2P hybrid strategy game in space, with MOBA and RTS mechanics in 1vs1. Become the
new Captain who’ll dominate the galaxy!

About AmbroCup

The AmbroCup is a monthly online tournament on Beyond the Void. The Ambro Cup #4 is organized in
partnership with Toornament and Scorpia. Players can register directly on Beyond the Void
Toornament page. You can also read the announcement from the official blog.

Training Seasons with the Developers

All registered players will have access to 3 Training Sessions that will be organized with the Game Designer of Beyond the Void to teach players the ropes of the game. They’ll take place in vocal on Discord: on August 31, September 5th and September 7th at 1pm-2pm.

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Use all the Skills

Just for this occasion, all skills will be unlocked in the skills collection (no more need of Battle Points to unlock them). Players will be able to try them all from August 29th until the day of the tournament. They’ll have the opportunity to design new strategies and play them during the tournament.


B2Expand, the developer of Beyond the Void game, will offer amazing rewards to the winners:

  1. Beyond the Void Mouse Pad + 1 steam gift card (10 Euros) for the first player
  2.  Beyond the Void Wallpaper + 1 steam gift card (5 euros) for the second player
  3.  Beyond the Void Wallpaper for the third player

Beyond the Void is a Free To Play game available in early access on steam (the official release is planned for October 2018)

Download Beyond the Void and start playing now.

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