BGD #127: NFT & Play To Earn News – April 12-18, 2021

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Welcome to the weekly BGD #127: NFT & Play To Earn News – April 12-18, 2021

This week Alien Worlds continue to be the number 1 gaming Dapp with more than 138,000 active weekly players. Upland sits in second place with 24,000, while the mini-game, Galaxy Blocks, follows with almost 13,000.

We launched a new giveaway with 1 Land Plot in VulcanVerse, an upcoming MMORPG with NFT ownership. You should definitely join and check it out.

Let’s not forget CGC which is coming this June. Always good stuff.

Tweet of the week
BGD #127: NFT & Play To Earn News - April 12-18, 2021 29

Maxim from Enjin shared a meme from Toy Story. So why tweet of the week?

Enjin used to be all about Ethereum, that was before choosing Polkadot for its efinity solution. Given the fact that in crypto, we find the same level of passion with European football fans, some find the whole “ethexit” process disturbing.

This is business and emotions don’t fit, Enjin saw the opportunity with Polkadot and they grabbed it, after all, these people contributed the maximum to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum desperately needs to fix the transaction fees issue, they say July, I say look at BSC, then again, when sharding?

Ethereum will always be Ethereum, think of it as the “mainnet”, now Enjin evolves to connect nfts from all networks.

George Tsagkarakis

Game Credits Launches NFT Minting Platform With No Fees

The well-established Blockchain Gaming platform released this week a new feature that allows users to create and sell NFTs without paying fees.

The NFTs can be static images, videos, or even GIFS with unlockable content.

Vulcan Forged & Vulcan Verse Joined The Blockchain Game Alliance

Vulcan Forged is the new sponsor of the Blockchain Game Alliance. VulcanForged is an NFT Dapp ecosystem, game studio, and marketplace that recently launched PYR Token on Uniswap.

Yesterday, the flagship game of the ecosystem, VulcanVerse released the Hades quadrant, the second of the four territories of the upcoming MMORPG. In addition, PYR owners automatically stake for LAVA rewards.

Aavegotchi to Launch Event With $1,7 Million Prize Pool

DeFi and NFT collectible game Aavegotchi hosts an event with 1.4 Million GHST tokens from April 20 to June 15. To participate, you must own at least one Aavegotchi NFT and some wearables.

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EtherLegends Android Release

Collectible trading card game EtherLegends is now available for Android devices and soon for iOS as well. At the time, you need 3 NFT card characters to participate in the Beta.

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Ethermon To Build a Multiverse Ecosystem

Once known as Etheremon, the community-made version of the original version completed a private round with strategic backers to build a universe with interoperability of blockchain gaming assets.

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GAMEE App Introduced G Bot NFTs

After launching the GMEE token on Uniswap last week, the GAMEE platform will start implementing NFTs as well. G-Bots are ETH-based ERC-721 NFTs that you can use as game characters across multiple games, upgrade them, claim rewards and bonuses, use them in staking events, and more.

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Sorare Adds New Tournament Rewards

Fantasy football game Sorare announced a new dynamic reward system based on the number of clubs playing on each Game Week. That way, there will be more rewards available for players on busier weeks and less on weeks with a small number of clubs participating.

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MLB coming to Wax

Major League Baseball officially licensed NFTs will be available on the WAX blockchain. TOPPS® and MLB are celebrating their 70 years of collaboration by releasing digital collectible Cards featuring modern-day stars.

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R-Planet Land Sale

R-Planet hosted a private Land sale on April 15, while a public sale will be available on April 29. 

Besides, R-Planet partnered up with The Uplift World for a special surprise. R-Planet landowners will have a chance to claim land within the UpLift metaverse if they decide to boost their R-planet land. 

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The Guardian Program by Chain Guardians

Upcoming blockchain game Chain Guardians announced a program to reward early token holders for their trust. The Guardian Program allows CGG holders to stake their tokens and rise through ranks to unlock various rewards.

Even more, CGG Token is now a payment method on OpenSea to buy and sell Chain Guardians NFTs.

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Animoca Brands sells ~$9.28m of NFTs in 3 Days

Through two separate NFT sale events for the blockchain games, F1 Delta Time and The Sandbox Animoca brands managed to generate more than $9.28 million in three days.

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