Big Time Founder’s NFT Sale on July 19

Big Time Founder’s NFT Sale on July 19

The multiplayer action RPG Big Time Founder’s NFT Sale will be held on July 19 on the Binance NFT marketplace featuring VIP passes, epic cinematic moments, collectible card mystery packs, and an original piece of artwork.

Here are some details about these four categories:

VIP Access Passes

These passes will give players special early access to in-game NFTs, including some limited-edition cosmetic and decorative items. There are three tiers of VIP passes:

  1. Gold ($499/each): Unlock the earliest access to the first 100 players.
  2. Silver ($299/each): Unlock access to the next 300 players
  3. Jade VIP ($179/each): Unlock access to the next 600 players

Postcards From Spacetime

Postcards are collectibles that capture amazing views from the four different locations in Big Time:

  1. Time’s End
  2. The Syphon
  3. The Paradox Forge 
  4. The Infinity Vault 

Priced at $39.99, each mystery has six cards in it. They will be limited to 1000 copies per series. What you find in these random packs is based on your luck. You can find Rare and Super Rare cards, and with some of them can have a chance to get VIP Access Passes.

Cinematic Moments

One hundred units of four animated shorts featuring game heroes in action will be available, each priced at $299.

  1. Time’s End: Features Big Time’s warrior fighting against the game’s Insectoid enemies
  2. The Paradox Forge: Features Big Time’s warrior facing an unexpected new danger
  3. THE INFINITY VAULT: Features Big Time’s warrior sneaking into the greatest bank in all of Time and space.
  4. THE SYPHON: Features Big Time’s warrior fighting against the game’s Cyber Pirate enemies.

Wanted Dead Or Alive

This one-of-a-kind piece of artwork features two Big Time heroes in a desperate battle between cowboys and dinosaurs. It will be put on auction starting at $499.

About Big Time

Big Time is a free-to-play action and adventure-packed game where users can form teams of up to 6 members to fight battles against enemies. Once you kill your enemies, they will drop some “loot” that gives you various in-game precious items and NFTs with real value. 

The game’s thrilling story begins in a school with Albert Einstein as its headmaster. Then every player’s character is given a time machine that will take it through different eras to fight historical battles and collect rare items like clothes and armors while learning about figures of the past. 

Players will also get a chance to show off their achievements & awards and interact with each other in a central meeting place called Epoch City, making the game highly engaging.

A beta version of the game is already under development and will be available to play later this year, while the full version is expected to launch in 2022. Big Time will run on Ethereum.