Binance Labs Invests In Star Sharks Metaverse

Binance Labs Invests In Shark Tank Metaverse

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and incubator of Binance, announced earlier today, November 2nd, 2021, its strategic investment in Star Sharks, a community-driven Marine, and Shark Metaverse.

The investment will allow Starshark to play a significant role in the gaming sector of the BSC ecosystem.

Star Sharks is a blockchain game established by Timi Studio Group. The game is designed for players to join different games with the same character, prioritizing cooperation to form the perfect metaverse.

Tokens will be awarded to players depending on the community competition activity. An NFT leasing feature will exist on the marketplace from players to ‘rent to play’. With this feature, Shark Tank offers scholarships so everyone can get the opportunity to play, not only users who have the capital to purchase NFT’s.

StarSharks adopts a dual-token economic model, Star Sharks Sea (SEA), and the governance token, Star Sharks (SSS). SEA token is used in the marketplace and can be obtained in some games on the platform.

SSS, the governance token, is mainly used to purchase rare resources and get community roles in different games on the platform.

Star Shanks reminds looks similar to Axie Infinity. Is this another clone of Axie or a game with something new to offer? Find us on telegram and join the discussion.