Binance NFT Celebrates Christmas With Zero Trading Fees 

Binance NFT Celebrates Christmas With Zero Trading Fees 

As said in the previous article, Christmas is upon us, and Binance NFT could not avoid the circumstances, ultimately offering zero trading fees on NFTs for the last month of 2022.

Binance NFT announced the news on the first day of the month, Dec. 1, 2022, by stating, “Users will be able to list NFTs with 0 trading fees on the Binance NFT marketplace for the full month of December!

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset on the blockchain with a unique identifier number and other meta-data. NFTs are the most secure and transparent method to distribute, trade, store, and track digital and physical assets. 

In addition to Binance’s gift for the month of December, CZ is also proposing two more benefits users of Binance NFT can take advantage of. Those are the Blue Chip NFT listing rewards and Christmas NFT giveaways for the most active traders.

Additionally, users will receive a free Limited Edition Christmas-Themed NFT by trading at least 10 BUSD and completing this form. Take your chance, as only 2,1000 eligible users will be selected to receive an NFT. Happy Binance trading, fam.