Blankos Block Party: Exciting New Update Coming on June 2

Blankos Block Party: Exciting New Update Coming on June 2

Blankos Block Party is a massively multiplayer online blockchain game where players can design their own maps and participate in fun experiences involving shooting, racing, and much more. 

The game’s main characters are called Blankos, NFTs living in the game’s virtual world Junction and a modified EOS blockchain.. 

The good news for gamers is that a big update is set to launch on the Blankos Block Party game on June 2 with some fantastic new features that will take the gaming experience to the next level.

In addition, Blankos is dropping a limited-edition Blanko with 2,000 copies designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser, starting today at 3PM DPT for $19.99 each.

Party Pass & Season Challenges

The more you advance in your Party Pass by playing Blankos Block Party, the more you earn rewards and unlock new game items like Blankos, so it is essential to level up your Party Pass. 

The latest update will have Season Challenges, where players will complete each season to get Hype Points. These points can be used to improve your Party Pass rating.

New Ways of Customizing

With some cool new customization features, your Blankos are a canvas to your imagination! 

There are two ways to design your Blankos: mixing and mashing. You can add custom colors or textures to a Blanko by mixing them with in-game digital items called Gumballs and also mash a new Blanko that will have the same color scheme as one of your existing Blanko.

For more advanced customizations, you can combine mixing and mashing to do MashUps. These customizations will have a cost and would not be reversed once you go ahead with them, so make sure to preview them before finalizing.

New Skills

New Blanko classes called Styles will be released every season, with each Style having its own set of Power Moves (active skills), Perks (passive skills), and hidden Perks that are unlocked on higher levels in the game. To hone your Blanko’s skills, you will be able to use Skill MashUps in future updates as well. 

Three Styles are launching in the June 2 update:

  1. Wrecker – Active Skills: Dunk and Lightfoot
  2. Tracer – Active Skills: Swerve and Super Streak Smash
  3. Tanker – Active Skills: Vibe Trap and Bubble Shield

New Leveling System

The update will also bring a new system of leveling called GradeUp. It will have Grades and Levels where you can progress higher up through XP Chips. XP Chips will be earned by playing the game, or you can purchase them from the in-game shop.

Three will be 3 Grades with 5 Levels each:

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent

Moving up the Grades will unlock new game items for you like Blankos and other accessories and a chance to earn in-game currency.

Soft Reset

The following items will get reset after the update:

  • Moola earned
  • Items purchased with Moola
  • Items earned through quests
  • Blankos’ levels
  • Blankos’ skill trees

Remember, these are not NFTs and were bought using Moola or earned through game quests. Anything you have purchased using Blanko Bucks, USD, or Crypto will be kept safe.

Other Updates

  • Blankos Block Party game world The Junction will get some changes, and a tutorial will be offered to acquaint you with these changes. The good news here is that you will get a free Blanko by taking the complete tutorial.
  • Mythical Marketplace Closed Alpha – a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will go live on June 7. Initial Invites are being sent out, so keep an eye on your email.
  • Reaching Level 10 in the game before June 2 will win you a Hot Dog Backpack.
  • All Blankos will be reboxed to reset them with new Styles, and any unboxed Blankos will not be allowed to get boxed after June 2

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