Blankos Open Beta is Live For Everyone & 5 New Blankos

blankos open beta

Blankos open beta is live, now everyone can download and play the game for free. 

During the private Beta version of the game, Blankos Block Party registered more than 100,000 new user accounts and hosted a sale of limited edition of Founder’s Packs.

The Founder’s Pack sale will end on December 13th at 11:59:59 pm PST. The game will burn any unsold founder’s pack left and will never reproduce them again. Every participant in this sale will have a Founder’s status and will own limited edition Blankos. The only way to obtain these kinds of Blankos in the future will be by other players in external exchanges, making them extremely rare.

As a reminder, every new player gets a Blanko to start with the game for free. The difference with the Blankos that you can purchase in the store is that those have real value to sell them to other players and unique stats to help you in the game.

Blankos Open Beta 5 New Blankos

While the 5 Founder’s Blankos will be gone forever, the game introduced 5 new ones. Majo, Altidude, Watermelonie, Lumberjack, and Dazzle will hit the shelf during the Open Beta!

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