Blankos Limited-Edition Founder’s Pack Sale is Live


It’s time for the MMO Open World – Party Game, Blankos, to hit the market after some delays and a great promotion on popular gaming websites like IGN and the successful trailers on Youtube with 150,000 and 263,000 views, respectively.

Blankos limited-edition founder’s packs are now available, featuring rare collectible Blankos and items in a limited quantity. 

Blankos Block Party private beta for PC will begin on November 17, and participants on this sale will benefit a guaranteed priority Beta Access and permanent Founders status. Even more, you can reserve your account now for a chance to get into the game early.

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About The Blankos limited-edition founder’s pack Sale

Items from the sale are available now to purchase and unbox. On November 17, these items will become immediately available in the early access of the game. Blankos and items from the sale come in a limited quantity meaning that when the sale ends, the only way to purchase them is from other players in the games or other external marketplaces.

You can participate in the sale using Fiat or one of the supported Cryptocurrencies. Packs come in four different package options offering special Blankos NFTs and various items. Pricing varies from $24.99 to $149.99 for the best ones.

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Multi-Format MMO Blankos Block Party

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