Blockchain Gaming Digest 20 – 26 April

Welcome to another weekly digest. Let’s take a quick look at some of the past week’s news.

Join the Brave Frontier Heroes & Tournament

bfh tournament

On Saturday 2/5/2020 at 15:00 UTC we will be hosting a free to play tournament in Brave Frontier Heroes featuring Rare and Uncommon BFH NFTs prizes.

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Telegram Game Grasshopper Farm joins the Enjin Multiverse Program

grasshopper farm

The newest addition to the Enjin’s Multiverse program is the Telegram game Grasshopper Farm. Players can collect Grasshoppers, send them to missions, and battle others.

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Ooogies landed in 9Lives Arena

Oooogies in 9LA

Did you know that Ooogys can craft items and gather resources even when you are offline? 9 Lives Arena is currently on the closed beta phase and players can now use their Ooogys in the game.

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Bitcoin Hodler – Catch Balloons and claim Satoshi’s Treasure!

Mobile game Bitcoin Hodler is hosting an event where players can collect Balloons and claim rewards. Each Balloon is an ERC-1155 token randomly dropped into the game while the more ballons you stack the more the chances to unlock the “One Last Balloon”.

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A new Working Group is available for all the Blockchain Game Alliance Members and Blockchain Enthusiasts.

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In addition, you must read a really interesting article all about: How Blockchain Collectibles Can Transform Game Monetization & Promotion

Ethermon Rookie Tournament

Both rookie and veteran players are welcome to join the tournament for a chance to win over 4.5ETH worth of prizes! Tournament starts on May 3rd 14:00 UTC.

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SkyWeaver Redesigned Marketplace

Skyweaver season zero

A redesigned Marketplace and the all-new Hero selection screen are now available in the TCG blockchain game SkyWeaver. As a reminder all transactions in Private Beta are on the testnet only.

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