Ooogies landed in 9Lives Arena

9lives arena ooogy

If you are a lucky one with access to the 9LA closed beta, then you will have definitely noticed Ooogies, the hard-working Tamagotchis on steroids. Ooogies are blockchain-based cross-platform companions available in 9LA and an external mobile application where players can order them to do various tasks even when logged out from the game.

The main purpose of an Ooogy is to gather resources and craft. Why do it by yourself when you can have these little creatures work for you? In the 9LA Shop, you can find Ooogies for sale with rare bloodlines and early access. The vast gene-pool contains 12 royal bloodlines and genetic mutations that will make your Ooogy one of a kind. There are over 3 trillion possible appearance combinations and there is one in two million chances to get an Ooogy with all 12 bloodlines.

There are more than just Bloodlines, gain experience, and level up to make them better and more valuable. Each Ooogy is an ERC-1155 NFT backed by ENJ tokens that you can sell in any decentralized marketplace.

Ooogie also have:

  • Luck – The more the better.
  • Immune system – The more the better.
  • Anger issues – The less the better.

About 9Lives Arena

9LA is a triple-A PVP game powered by the Enjin platform, currently in closed beta. The gameplay feels great and there are positive reviews from the community so far. 9LA offers skins and Ooogies only, making the game truly skilled-play allowing everyone to win by practicing. Nobody will kill you because of a better sword or armor.

The permadeath feature adds an interesting element where once you reach level 30 and leave the training arena, you only get 9lives! After losing 9 times, your character dies forever and you have to create a new one. Progress and bonuses bound to your account so they don’t vanish along with your champion.

More notably, 9Lives Arena is part of the Gaming Multiverse, meaning that along with other games, you can experience interconnected gaming, sharing character progression, quests, and items from Multiverse games.

Multiverse101 is currently hosting a 9LA tournament for the core members. We had the pleasure to play and try this amazing game, stay tuned for the public beta or grab something from the shop, and get early access. 9LA is a game you should definitely try!