Blankos Block Party: First Impressions From Private Beta

Blankos Block Party: First Impressions From Private Beta

Build a world, start an adventure, create any gameplay experience you can think of, and jump into the endless Blankos block party.

The highly anticipated MMO game, Blankos, has launched the private beta for PC devices. Everyone who purchased a Founder’s pack during the sale has a guaranteed priority Beta Access and permanent Founders status. 

For a chance to get in the game early, visit Blankos and reserve an account. Keep in mind that Founder’s Packs will be available until the last one is sold. Pricing starts from $24.99 and each one contain special Blankos NFTs and various items.

The game is behind its original release schedule and the private beta is available only for Windows. Mythical Games has plans to release a Mac and other console versions of the game later.

In the meantime, Blankos managed to build a huge community and its one of the most anticipated games in the blockchain gaming industry. The game trailers have hundreds of thousands of views on their youtube channel while popular gaming sites like IGN launched a promotion earlier this year.

First Impressions from Blankos Block Party.

The game is exciting with great graphics, the delay was worth it. Blankos has great potentials to go mainstream and can definitely introduce a wider gaming audience to blockchain gaming. Lots of fun, and custom experiences made by the players.

Right now there area lot of active testers, we can stop a few bugs heres and there but in overall we overwhelmed with the gameplay. Audio is just great.

Find some screenshots below and stay tuned for more Blankos content.

About Blankos

Blankos is an open-world party MMO game full of different worlds and experiences. Players can design Blankos and bring them to life, collect and trade different types of characters and use them to participate in global online mini-games that other players created.

While the game is free-to-play there is an option to buy cosmetics, accessories, and limited-edition Blankos. 

Blankos are EOS-based tokenized NFT’s so besides using them in the game you can sell or trade them on supported marketplaces. Items that you acquire while playing are also tradable digital assets.