Blockchain Space Announces a Partnership With

Blockchain Space Falco

Blockchain Space is excited to announce its partnership with – a web3 gaming launchpad that serves as a bridge between the player’s base and games. serves guilds by providing them with a platform to publish their games. As BCPC partners with Falco, gamers and guilds will now be provided with the right set of tools and support so that they can grow and scale their projects in GameFi.

Now, guilds will release their games on the launchpad Falco provides, thanks to this partnership. is currently home to two games: The Harvest and Mouse Haunt. The Harvest is a AAA shooter with MOBA mechanics while Mouse Haunt is a P2E multiplayer title built on Unreal Engine 5

The Harvest

Developed by The Breach Studios, The Harvest is one of the two games that have been released on Falco’s GameFi launchpad. As the game partnered with Falco, it shifted its mechanics from free-to-play (in 2020) to play-to-earn (in 2021). Its soft currency is $EOL as The Harvest operates as a chainless tokenized game. 

Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a AAA multiplayer P2E title where the players can breed, level-build, farm tokens, and do much more by utilizing their NFT assets.

In the game, the players have to demonstrate excellent team skills as they will be playing against surprises and haunts. Each Castle will feature Mouse Heroes – the players – and as the game progresses, Mouse Heroes can dash, shoot, unlock and use special abilities.

The two games have been in full support by Falco as the launchpad provided them with proper capital management and guidance. Falco has also helped them with deploying smart contracts, WebApp management, mentoring, and hiring strategies. 

This is the reason why Blockchain Space partnered with Falco as the launchpad is the perfect place to help new projects and guilds publish their games as soon as possible.