Atari And Ultra Partnership

atari vcs

After securing significant partnerships, integrating the blockchain technologyreleasing its coin, and announcing blockchain games support for the upcoming VCS console, Atari aims to expand its ecosystem further and add new games, communities, and services. Through the fresh-announced Atari and Ultra partnership, Atari explores new ways to integrate the Ultra platform to the Atari VCS and use NFT’s to update many of its titles.

Atari VCS is a PC hybrid console that allows users to play, stream, create games, and connect with other players, fans, and devs. Atari VCS video computer system will launch soon at the price tag of $389.99.

Gamers can pre-order it from the official Atari website and on Ultra using UOS or Atari Tokens once launched.

Atari’s comeback console was funded by the Indiegogo platform in 2018, raising €2,626,430 by 11,597 backers. It will run a Linux-based operating system with AMD powered graphics.


Atari manages more than 200 games and wants to return to our living rooms through its upcoming console by offering a new gaming generation. It is worth to mention that Atari VCS is the first console that supports Blockchain Games.

Ultra Platform

Ultra is an entertainment platform powered by the blockchain technology that allows users to play or buy games, watch live streams, interact with each other, and compete in live tournaments and events under a single log-in.