BlockchainSpace Partners With P2E Game Mouse Haunt

BlockchainSpace Partners With P2E Game Mouse Haunt

BlockchainSpace Guild has announced its newest partnership with the multiplayer P2E game Mouse Haunt.

Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt is a free-to-play, play-to-earn, multiplayer game published and produced by the Canadian company Isoforce Games. Mouse Haunt offers many experiences, such as fun party games and multiplayer battle arenas.

In Mouse Haunt, there are two teams. The Mouse Heroes that (try to reach the fragrant cheese of yore and the Ghost Team that (try to kill all the mouse heroes.

Mouse Heroes have the ability to shoot, dash and use special skills, while the Ghost Team possesses objects, activates traps, and uses their ethereal skills to try and kill the pesky rodents.

But what happens when a Mouse Hero is eliminated? Of course, they get revived as Ghosts, witching teams on the go and swinging the odds of the battle. Then, new objectives are unlocked, and $MHT token rewards for going against their former teammates.


BlockchainSpace empowers NFT Guilds to scale in the metaverse by offering automation and funding tools used to identify and make use of new opportunities in games.

With this exciting new partnership of BlockchainSpace with Wanaka Farm, they plan to create unique and fun ways of earning in the game. They plan this by involving more scholars and guilds.

The BlockchainSpace Guild consists of primarily small guilds (Providing 10-100 scholars, 97% of the total market), and with each passing month, new partnerships come to light.

Scholars that are partners with BlockchainSpace will also get their first dibs on NFT highways, and alpha passes from hot game titles like Infernoverse, Tales of Ragnarok, Prometheus, Cyball, Crypto Citizen, BitHotel, Wanaka Farm, HeroesTD, Duelist King, Draco Master, Defina, and Nitro League.

Recently, BCSP announced the Guild Partner program which is available for any interested game that comes along with a plethora of benefits. and the Guild are proud members of the BlockchainSpace ecosystem.