Caduceus $CMP Token Gets Listed on KuCoin!

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Caduceus $CMP Token Gets Listed on KuCoin!

Caduceus gaming blockchain’s $CMP token can now be traded on KuCoin!

$CMP deposits went live two days ago, 14/9/22, and now everyone can trade $CMP on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin. The trading option went live yesterday!

In the tweet beneath, you can find the official statement by Caduceus blockchain.

What is Caduceus?

For starters, Caduceus is a blockchain dedicated to the Metaverse and advertised in the Web3 industry as the “world’s first decentralized rendering metaverse protocol.” 

Caduceus is building the world’s first open-source 3D metaverse platform for easy adoption. In addition, Caduceus is using Metagraph as its consensus mechanism and has a transaction speed of 3000-100K TPS compared with Ethereum, which has 15-20 TPS.

$CMP is the native token of Caduceus. The native token is used within the Caduceus ecosystem to pay fees and secure the platform’s network. The token has a market cap of $260,141,200, and its current price is $0.25 per token!

Caduceus Metaverse Protocol token (CMP) is currently listed on these exchanges: KuCoinBybitGate.ioMexc, and Bitget.