Cake DeFi Partners With Razer Silver To Provide Gamers Access To Crypto Assets

Cake DeFi, Asia’s fastest-growing crypto platform, has just announced a partnership with Razer Silver (Backed by Razer Inc.) in which the platforms will launch loyalty rewards for gamers.

Additionally, the exclusive partnership will also provide gamers access to crypto assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and much more, thanks to the Cake DeFi platform. They can also covert their Razer Silver into Cake DeFi vouchers. It will provide value to both crypto and gaming enthusiasts as the Razer Silver Rewards Catalogue will allow the users to swap their Razer Silver for Cake DeFi vouchers. 

The Razer Silver website will promote Cake DeFi – it’ll also allow the users to swap loyalty points and access to cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.) and DeFiChain. Cake DeFi is committed to supporting crypto and financial literacy for everyone. 

Cake DeFi On Partnering With Razer Silver

“We are thrilled to partner with an influential gaming company such as Razer, bridging the gap between gaming and crypto to deliver incredible value to users all over the world. Through this collaboration, we have lowered the barrier to entry to the crypto ecosystem to provide Razer Silver gamers access to crypto assets on Cake DeFi in a seamless manner and provide them with class-leading rewards. 

There is a strong correlation between gamers and crypto enthusiasts, so in addition to providing high returns on Cake DeFi for Razer Silver gamers, we will also focus on providing crypto education and literacy, especially for newcomers to the industry,” said Julian Hosp, Co-Founder, and CEO of Cake DeFi. 

Cake DeFi is offering access to its yield services – exclusive to Razer gamers. If you’re an existing Razer user and have not registered at Cake DeFi, you can use the promo code “RAZER” and get a welcome bonus (in DeFiChain and Silver Razer) as soon as you make your first investment. 

If you convert your Cake DeFi voucher from now until August 20, an 10% additional discount awaits you. For a 5$ Cake voucher, all you need is 9000 Razer Silver. If you don’t want to miss out on these vouchers, make sure you get in first, as the stock is limited. 

Every 12 hours, users will earn a staking reward as the converted DFI from the vouchers will be allocated to Cake DeFi’s staking product. There’s no lock up period – you can withdraw your crypto whenever you want.

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