ChainZ Arena Event With 45,000 USDT & 100,000 Soul Prizes

ChainZ Arena Event

In Brief:

  • Chainz Arena is hosting a series of events with 45,000 USDT & 100,000 SOUL rewards.
  • The events will take place from the 29th of October to the 28th of November.
  • The game prepares to launch a second multi-currency server.

The Blockchain gaming platform MOBOX is hosting an event for its mobile game ChainZ Arena, featuring a $45,000 USDT & 100,000 SOUL prize pool to celebrate the multi-currency Server 2 launch.

This massive event contains a significant step for the future of MOBOX and its plans to become a gaming and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that combines blockchain games, NFT’s, play to earn, and stacking rewards.

The event will occur from the 29th of October 2020 until the 28th of November 2020 in two different phases.

  • Halloween Lucky Wheel Event: The first phase of the event will last for 14 days on both servers. Players can gather pumpkins and use them to spin the wheel to earn Gold, Spirit, Artifacts, and SOUL prizes.

The second event consists of 3 sub-events.

  • Path To Supremacy: Progress the furthest you can on Story mode. The Top 80 players will share rewards of 54 ETH & 45,000 SOUL.
  • Star UP: Upgrade HERO star levels and gather STAR POINTS. The Top 80 players will share rewards of 48 ETH & 40,000 SOUL.
  • Gladiator Challenge: The most wins in the Cryptogon will share 18 ETH & 15,000 SOUL rewards.

In total, the three phases will last for 30 Days with 120 ETH total rewards (~45,000 USDT) & 100,000 SOUL that you can claim by upgrading your hero and accumulating Star Points, through battles in the story mode, and fighting in the Cryptogon.

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New Multicurrency Server

ChainZ Arena has already secured significant partnerships, including SAND and MATIC Network. By developing a multi-currency server, ChainZ Arena allows users to complete deposits and withdraws in multiple currencies and aims to engage a broader audience from various communities, including Matic Network, SAND, and Binance BNB.

Additionally, MOBOX will acquire LAND inside The Sandbox Metaverse to build a digital world that engages the MOBOX NFT ecosystem while also accepting SAND Tokens in their game to create more comprehensive social gaming experiences.

Soul Token

SOUL Token serves as the in-game currency. Users can convert their in-game SOUL earnings to TRX and EOS on decentralized exchanges such as PoloniDEX, TronTrade, and Newdex. ETH Tokens are not listed on any DEX yet. Additionally, users can freeze tokens inside the game to earn SOUL drops. 

About MOBOX Platform

MOBOX is a next-generation community-driven blockchain platform built to combine games, play to earn experiences, NFT’s, and Yield Farming. 

MOBOX ecosystem provides MWallet, a user-friendly blockchain wallet that supports decentralized and centralized wallets in one. GameFi allows users to mine NFT’s through Yield Farming that you can use in the MOBOX metaverse or sell to others. A detailed article about MOBOX will come within the next weeks.