ChatGPT: OpenAi Announces iOS Mobile App

OpenAI is yet to announce an exact release date for the Android version of the app.
ChatGPT: OpenAi Announces iOS Mobile App

In a major development, OpenAI has released the ChatGPT mobile app for iOS devices, its first venture into the mobile app arena. This announcement comes amidst the emergence of multiple unauthorized apps claiming to provide ChatGPT services.

The official mobile application aims to offer a dependable ChatGPT experience for iPhone and iPad users. The app comes at no cost and without any ads, offering seamless synchronization with the user’s web chat history. What’s more, the app includes voice input functionality powered by Whisper, OpenAI’s proprietary speech recognition model. Initially, the launch is limited to the US, with plans to extend its reach to other countries soon.

The ChatGPT mobile app promises a range of features to its users including instant responses, personalized advice, creative suggestions, expert guidance, and customized learning experiences. To access these services, users need to log in to the app via their OpenAI account. There’s also the premium ChatGPT Plus available for a monthly subscription of $19.99, offering access to the superior GPT-4 language model. However, OpenAI’s newly released web connectivity plugins aren’t included in the mobile app yet.

The launch of the mobile app appears to be in response to the immense popularity of ChatGPT. Following its release in November, usage of the AI chatbot has seen explosive growth. According to estimates, ChatGPT drew a massive user base of approximately 100 million in January alone.

Previously, the most accessible way for mobile users to access OpenAI’s language models was through the Microsoft Bing app, which incorporates a chatbot powered by GPT-4. With the release of the official ChatGPT mobile app, OpenAI provides users with a more direct and secure mobile interface to its revolutionary language model.