Cimu Games Integrates Ready Games’ Tech to Re-Release Runestone Keeper

Cimu Games Integrates Ready Games' Tech to Re-Release Runestone Keeper
Ready Games

Today, January 12, Cimu Games announced a partnership with Ready Games to use their blockchain gaming development tools to re-release Runestone Keeper as a mobile Web3 game.

As mass adoption increases, more and more gaming studios are thinking of turning to Web3. The blockchain gaming industry offers limitless opportunities, and gaming studios are taking advantage of that.

As a result, many companies are considering turning their Web2 games into Web3. This is the case with Cimu Games. Cimu Games is a gaming studio that publishes high-quality Web2 games. One of them is Runestone Keeper, a game that won the Best Gameplay Award at the 2014 Unity Awards.

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Runestone Keeper is a roguelike video game developed and published by Blackfire Games, with Cimu Games developing the iOS version. The game was officially released on March 23, 2015, for Windows.

Being an Innoted subsidiary, Cimu Games plans to release a Web3-enabled beta version of Runestone Keeper in late Q1 on PC, console, and mobile.

Ready Games, with its experience of 10 years in engineering and changing Web2 gaming models to Web3, will provide developers the ability to transform mobile games easily with minimal development time and cost.

Josh Furr, the marketing director of Cimu Games, commented on the partnership by saying that he is thrilled to be a part of Ready’s family. He also added a goal the gaming studio has put, “Our goal is not only to bring Runestone Keeper to Ready but to reward players with valuable game assets and a variety of future games and titles.”