Collect Social: “Collect to earn” social network for collectors drops 500 Racoon coins to Twitter followers. 

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Many of you know NFTs as a term that came recently, but to companies in space, it has already been well-known for several years. Substantially started from 2017, great reading about NFTs can be found here.

Recent NFT news.

Over the past few weeks, many NFTs as certificates of authenticity have suddenly become high-value assets. Therefore Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as NFT for $2.5 million, for instance. Digital artist Beeple sold his collage as an NFT for $69 million at Christie’s. So it’s unfortunately not altogether surprising that NFT platforms have become targets for hackers.

In such a way, hackers stole digital artwork from the Nifty Gateway platform via login credentials leaks. 

For the time being the NFT platforms are going for the broke. This process is ongoing and further getting ground. As we can explore it will certainly be worth its efforts. 

NFT Marketplaces on the rise. 

We’ve seen first marketplaces such as OpenSea starting early days, right after the first NFTs appeared.

Established in 2018, OpenSea is currently the first and the largest decentralized marketplace for user-owned digital goods, which include collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and other assets backed by a blockchain. Trading on OpenSea happens through a smart contract, meaning that no central authority ever holds custody of your items. Instead, users store items in their wallets of choice.

In 2020 we found new models, for example on Rarible that provided token mining. So with all buy or sell transactions users received some amount of RARI token, which enables the most active creators and collectors on Rarible to vote for any platform upgrades and participate in guidance as well as moderation.

The model worked so well that Rarible surpassed OpenSea in trading volume: $8.5 million versus $3 million correspondingly. 

Not only about trading volume: within just one week, Rarible generated more than $100,000 in fees. 

Collectors will benefit in the long run: the first “Collect to Earn” platform.

Instantly the amount of NFTs is growing exponentially so that the interest from creators and buyers does. Due to this, there would be a cyclic process and people who keep their assets to sell at the proper time will win.

In the meantime, we found out that once you have several NFTs, you might keep them and receive additional benefits through recognition and become a famous collector.

We are never behind the curve, so we would like to introduce the first “Collect to Earn” platform, which gamifies and socializes the collector’s experience.

Here would be a brief scope of the project’s features.

  1. Collect – the versatile stock of game card collections.
    Currently, there are more than 123 collections of Dark Country, HodlGod, Alien Worlds, Street Fighter, and Blockchain Heroes.
    But don’t count on permanence – partners are going to be changed occasionally. 
collect to earn image Article provided by
Collect Social: “Collect to earn” social network for collectors drops 500 Racoon coins to Twitter followers.  6
  1. Complete the tasks, gain XP points, and Racoon Coins via Achievements – give your best shot!
collect to earn daily tasks Article provided by
Collect Social: “Collect to earn” social network for collectors drops 500 Racoon coins to Twitter followers.  7
  1. Considering that Collect is a social platform, the user can add friends, collaborate, and share the deeds.
  2. Keep going, press Market, and buy the collection of NFT if you have not received it yet.
collect to earn storm bringer Article provided by
Collect Social: “Collect to earn” social network for collectors drops 500 Racoon coins to Twitter followers.  8
  1. Not only the achievements but Racoon Coins too!
collect to earn leaderboard Article provided by
Collect Social: “Collect to earn” social network for collectors drops 500 Racoon coins to Twitter followers.  9

1 Racoon Coin = 1 XP, which in the short run could be used to buy some NFTs, participate in some private sales, and join the VIP program.

collect to earn rakoon Article provided by

All in all, the emphasis is: gamification on Collect is all about engaging gamers to keep their collections, track progress and benefit from this activity via the Collect platform.

Collect Roadmap.

Finally, but most importantly, let’s take a look at Collect’s Roadmap.

Phase 1.  Initial Traction and Launch. 

Collect started its way from supporting several NFT and gaming projects in there and already got initial traction. Over 300 users got their collections completed or at least got some points and coins via the platform. 

Phase 2. Nifty Puzzle.

Every user would have a possibility to receive puzzles from packs on the market or via Racoon Coins. Collecting puzzles provides the ability to claim cash rewards or receive valuable NFTs. Users also will be able to spend Racoon coins

Phase 3. Be part of the “NFT Spaces” project

Collect Spaces will provide various options for Space holders to earn, such as rent a space, sell NFTs on that space, and build passive income streams. 

Phase 3. VR Showroom.
Embed the whole puzzle into VR Space to enjoy the NFT-subjects gallery.

Phase 4. Expansion.

The main goal is to expand Collect to blockchains besides WAX. We are working towards supporting those that have high NFTs adoption. 

If you want to receive your 500 Racoon coins, please:

  • follow us on Twitter 
  • RT this tweet 
  • comment on this tweet with your WAX account. 

Don’t miss out to perform these actions by 15th April 2021.

We will inform you once those coins are available to claim. 

Collect is an ambitious product, so hope for your trust and support🙏🏻🙌🏻

💡 More updates to follow on our Telegram and Twitter.


This is a guest article provided by Collect. Social. will not be held responsible for any actions taken.

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