Emojibles Pave The Way After NiftyMoji Exit Scam

Emojibles Pave The Way After NiftyMoji Exit Scam

Unfortunately, we experienced another Exit scam in the NFT space. NiftyMoji, a non-fungible token oriented project that did exceptionally well, exit scammed, and now the website is down as well all of their social media accounts. Furthermore, the developers dumped their tokens on the market. The estimated value of this exit scam is $1 million.

It’s worth mentioning that some users bought NFT emojis worth over $1,000. It appears that on Tuesday the developers sold 237 ETH to the market, followed by 40,000 MEXP.

NiftyMoji was shilled by popular users on Twitter and other social media accounts.

I want to say to the NFT users and blockchain gamers that we will see more exit scams.

We’ve seen a lot in the past with multiple games.

It’s important to see who are the developers behind the game and do your research about them, do not trust any project because it’s just gaining attention. Most of the time, if there is no innovation, it’s paid advertisement behind closed doors, and the end-user has no clue.

Emojibles, a legit project, is helping NifttMoji users toto use their in-game tokens within the upcoming NFT game.

With a tweet shared today, the licensed Reality Gaming Group project Emojibles will exchange $MEXP (NiftyMoji token) for Emojible points.

Users can comment on the tweet, and the Emojibles team will take over the rest. 

If you are into the Emoji art on the blockchain, choose a project that’s viable, like Emojible. 

Learn more about Emojibles here.

Please be safe, always do your research.