Noft Games Launches Groundbreaking Cup 2021

Noft Games

This is a sponsored story by Noft Games. Battle Royale Game on Binance Smart Chain. The latest NFT game that allows you to own character (also known as Noft) which have a unique appearance and genome to earn BNB in every match.’ E-gaming involving blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies (NFTs) has just been taken to another …

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All You Need To Know About The Galaxy Of Lemuria Founders Sale on October 16th

The Galaxy of Lemuria Founders Sale

It’s not the first time we write about The Galaxy of Lemuria, as we introduced it to you in 2020 when it joined the Enjin ecosystem. Since then, The Galaxy of Lemuria has switched to Polygon with a PC-only version, in contrast to console plans, and it’s set to launch four alpha versions within 2022. TGOL is …

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Blockchain as a Measure Against Cyberpiracy

Ethereum Privacy

This is a sponsored Story. It does not represent the views of As it became known in recent times, Microsoft has announced that the company will use Ethereum’s blockchain to undertake anti-piracy campaigns. This is primarily geared towards the company’s Windows operating system and Office package. This announcement from Microsoft is in line with …

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MaidCoin To Launch IDO On SushiSwap’s MISO Platform

Maidcoin Dex Miso Platform

MaidCoin has announced the launch of a $MAID token through an IDO (initial DEX offering) on SushiSwap’s MISO platform. The auction will start on August 4, 2021, at 00:00, am UTC, with 30,000 $MAID tokens available for sale. $MAID, an ERC-20 token, will be the native currency of the MaidCoin game. It will be used for raids …

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MaidCoin: Upcoming Anime NFT Collecting Game

Maidcoin Game

MaidCoin is an upcoming blockchain project that brings together crypto, NFTs, and gaming. Your mission is to find and collect anime-themed NFTs while having fun gaming. Holding these digital collectibles allows you to earn a passive income. $MAID, an ERC-20 token – will be the native currency of the game, and all rewards for holding …

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American Gods S2 Licensed NFTs on Curio

Curio – a platform for the entertainment and arts sector that connects fans with their favorite TV shows and characters through authentic digital collectibles – has launched American Gods: Motel America, the second collection of officially licensed NFTs for season 2 of the American Gods TV series. American Gods is a fantasy drama TV series …

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Project Uanon: A Tezos Puzzle Game With $100,000 in Prizes

Project Uanon

Project Uanon is an alternate reality adventure puzzle game on the Tezos blockchain. As a player, your task is to solve the mystery of the world’s first biological computer virus: the VOID-9.  The game offers a total of $100,000 in prize money that can be won by players who can get to the truth by …

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IQeon Games Marathon: Play & win IQN digital assets!

IQeon marathon for all games.

PvP platform, which helps users from all over the world to monetize their intellectual skills in games, launches the Games Marathon contest with a prize pool of 900 IQN! The gaming battle will take place from March 29 to April 19, 2021. In the new Games Marathon competition from the gaming platform IQeon, participants …

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Collect Social: “Collect to earn” social network for collectors drops 500 Racoon coins to Twitter followers. 

Collect Social: “Collect to earn”

Article provided by Many of you know NFTs as a term that came recently, but to companies in space, it has already been well-known for several years. Substantially started from 2017, great reading about NFTs can be found here. Recent NFT news. Over the past few weeks, many NFTs as certificates of authenticity have …

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