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Zendodo Party – A Project where NFTs meet DeFi on the WAX Blockchain

Winter WonDoland Event Drop: December 23, 4PM UTC

This Holiday Season, we hope you readers are ready as the ZenMother of Dodoland is dropping Four Unique Zendodos in celebration of the great Winter WonDoland! Premiering on December 23, 4PM UTC, this exclusive event will feature Limited Edition Zendodos as well as Tools and Accolades that are up for grabs!

The Winter WonDoland Drop will take place on WAX’s homepage & AtomicHub with 2 different drops (Whitelist & Open):

Whitelist (100 Pwr + Honeycomb Verification): https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87043+87039

Open: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87040+87041

Read on to find out more details about the magical event you definitely do not want to miss!

Zendodo Party’s Winter Exclusive Zendodos

With this event drop, Zendodo Party is offering a great way to get started onto a new project. These Event Zendodos have 2 Unique advantages for owning them:

  1. These Zendodos have their Staking Power (seen at the top of its card) and can be staked in their Reward Pools to obtain ZENDI and Zendodos hourly – For more details, read our previous article on the project
  2. Being considered “Unique”, these Event Zendodos will also provide owners with an entry multiplier in their bountiful Weekly Rewards!
    (The project has distributed over 100,000 USD worth in prizes since launching in June)

Showcase of Event Zendodos Source: Zendodo Party Medium 

ZenMother’s Winter Tool Packs

Want to increase your Staking Power even further and earn more Rewards? You can do so by possessing Tools and Accolades (mentioned later) that will multiply your Zendodo’s power.

In the Winter WonDoland drop, you will be able to purchase Tool Packs and the odds of drawing each tool is specified in the infographic below!

The packs will contain Rally and Mining Tools seen below here:

Rally Power Tools

  • Gus Globe, Increasing Staking Power by 1.04x (Evolution 1)
  • Inuka Globe, Increasing Staking Power by 1.10x (Evolution 2)

Mining Power Tools

  • Shelldon Globe, Increasing Staking Power by 1.04x (Evolution 1)
  • Rufaro Globe, Increasing Staking Power by 1.10x (Evolution 2)

That’s not all! For every Tool Pack purchased, Zendodo Party is also holding a X’Mas X’Change event where Heroes are able to gift another Hero a Tool for FREE

Showcase of Event Zendodo Packs Source: Zendodo Party Medium

WonDoland Drop Details (23 December 4PM UTC)

As mentioned, this Event is limited and won’t happen again! This will be the opportune time to invest in the project if you’re thinking about doing so.

Drop Quantity

A total of 2700 Gus-Snowman and 300 WonDoland Packs will be on sale on 23 December 4PM UTC. Access the drops by clicking the respective links below!

Whitelist Drop: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87043+87039

To be Whitelisted, you’ll need to have at least 100 Power among your Zendodo Team and be Honeycomb Verified in their Discord Server. Whitelisted Heroes will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • 10% off the Drop Prices (For all purchases)
  • Early Access to the Drop (5 Minutes earlier) for earlier MINTs

Note: The snapshot of the Whitelisted Heroes will be done 55 minutes before the drop at 3:00 PM UTC.

Open Drop:


It is highly affordable to get started in the game during this event! Check out the prices of the respective drops below.

Priority Drop Prices:

  • Gus Snowman (18 WAX each)
  • WonDoland Packs (63 WAX each)

Open Drop Prices:

  • Gus Snowman (20 WAX each)
  • WonDoland Packs (70 WAX each)

Showcase of Gus the Snowman and WonDoland Packs Prices Source: Zendodo Party Medium

The X’Mas Collection

The Holiday Giveaways to Heroes will not stop here. After January 2, 2022, at 6 PM UTC, Heroes who manage to collect a specific number of Event Zendodos will be rewarded with Accolades that will be highly useful for increasing the Staking Power of your Zendodos. Accolades can be staked in both pools of rewards, making it an essential boost to have! These Accolades will also be proudly displayed on the Hero’s profile page for all to see.

Requirements to earn these accolades:

Mistle-Do’s Kiss: You’ll need to collect and hold 3 Unique Event Zendodos and the Accolade will provide a substantial 1.12x Staking Power Boost.

Blitzen’s Honour: You’ll need to collect and hold 4 Unique Event Zendodos and the Accolade will provide a whopping 1.30x Staking Power Boost.

Showcase of the X’Mas Collection Source: Zendodo Party Medium

Closing Words

This magical Winter Event from Zendodo Party is not to be missed! Join them for their event drop on 23rd December and enter the ever-growing space of the project and the NFT-Fi domain.

A big function is about to be added to the project. Stay tuned for more updates from the team!  

Learn more about Zendodo Party in our previous article here

A big function has just been be added to the project – Mission Crafts! Stay tuned for more updates from the team!

Make sure to check out Zendodo Party by peeking at their Collection Guide. Follow them on the wide variety of social platforms to stay up-to-date on events, exciting drops, giveaways & more!

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