MaidCoin To Launch IDO On SushiSwap’s MISO Platform

Maidcoin Dex Miso Platform

MaidCoin has announced the launch of a $MAID token through an IDO (initial DEX offering) on SushiSwap’s MISO platform. The auction will start on August 4, 2021, at 00:00, am UTC, with 30,000 $MAID tokens available for sale.

$MAID, an ERC-20 token, will be the native currency of the MaidCoin game. It will be used for raids in the game, and rewards for holding Nurse NFTs are also paid in this token. 

The auction will have a starting price of 0.015 ETH (~$30). The price will decrease until one of the participants accepts the price and buys the token or reaches the reserved price (minimum price). The auction will run for 72 hours, and the minimum price it will reach is 0.0015 ETH (~$3). 

How to Buy $MAID Coin?

The $MAID coin IDO is taking place on SushiSwap’s MISO on August 4.

Here is how you can take part in the auction:

  1. Install Metamask 
  2. You will need to transfer some ETH to your Metamask wallet to participate in this auction
  3. Connect your Metamask to
  4. Select $MAID from the token sales list
  5. Enter the number of tokens you want to buy 
  6. Once the IDO ends, you can claim your $MAID tokens

About MaidCoin

MaidCoin is an upcoming blockchain project that brings together crypto, NFTs, and gaming. Your mission is to find and collect anime-themed NFTs while having fun gaming. Holding these digital collectibles allows you to earn a passive income.

Using the $MAID token, you can participate in passive raids that take 1-3 days to get NursePart NFTs. These NFTs can be combined to get the most valuable NFT of the game: Nurse NFT.

Passive income is earned by holding Nurse NFTs.

Read more about MaidCoin: MaidCoin – Upcoming Anime NFT Collecting Game.

Visit MaidCoin website.

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